Message from the governor

For "creative revival from Kumamoto earthquake" 


We were attacked twice by shaking with a seismic intensity of 7, and "accomplishing creative revival" confronted one one difficulty in front with the cause of 3 principles to "connect restoration, revival with further development of Kumamoto", citizens of the prefecture, and, for unprecedented disaster that aftershock followed more than 4,300 times, as for me, "planning minimization of pain of victim" continued running hard.

We placed ten items to be concerned with life of citizen of the prefecture deeply particularly as "the rebuilding of house" or "recovery of access route to Aso" as important point item to be stronger, and to increase flow of past revival in prefecture, and to connect with future development of Kumamoto. Mainly on this important point ten items, we share progress to reach aim and there for revival with citizens of the prefecture and will plan acceleration of approach in future.

 Revival from earthquake is not possible without revival of each person suffered from. You must get over various difficulty for full-scale revival, but there is strong bond among Kumamoto citizens of the prefecture who experienced the same earthquake. With feeling of thanks from the whole country to support that we received, we will challenge for creative revival from Kumamoto earthquake together.


                                                               Governor of Kumamoto Ikuo Kabashima
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