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Welcome it is the governor room
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Direct flight to the governor RSS We open with the other window

With direct flight to the governor, the governor sees obedient opinion of citizens of the prefecture for prefectural government, suggestion directly, of future prefectural government administration refer to, and is system keeping alive.



"Direct flight to the governor" has opinion, suggestion about prefectural government.

When you belong to event request, governor individual to slander slander, marketing, the governor present (lecture) and judge with (private message, political thing), please note that you do not reply.

When the police, assembly has opinion about jurisdiction matter of various committees (except Board of Education) and country, the municipalities, private enterprise, you turn down personal information and transfer, and please note that you do not reply.

Please refer to direct department in charge for document request and question.

When you want sending on the Internet

To email form to send direct flight
It changes in email form
※Please send opinion, recommendations to this form after filling out the requirements.

When you want sending by mail
We install envelope and paper of direct flight in about 620 places of prefecture such as each Regional Promotion Bureau, branch office of the other prefectures, municipalities government office, financial institution, department store including the prefectural office (main building, new building reception desk).

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