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August 8, 2018 governor regular news conference

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The governor regular news conference

The date and time: From Wednesday, August 8, 2018 10:00
Place: The governor visitor's room


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Interview record

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 About activity of KUMAMON for "we go down we hide JAPAN trial games 2018" and 2019 international athletic meet


 About Aso UNESCO world Geopark

Announcement item

 About the situation of agriculture entries such as companies in Kumamoto


 About holding of high school student prefectural assembly

Questions and answers

 About disgraceful affair of the Kumamoto public school staff of a school

 About factor of KUMAMON achievement

 About "the rebuilding of house"

 About correspondence from Kumamoto-shi assembly for decision result to offer

 About goshorakakyojigyo




[about activity of KUMAMON for "we go down we hide JAPAN trial games 2018" and 2019 international athletic meet]

 About dispatch of KUMAMON to heated heated seat (PDF: 114.2 kilobytes) We open with the other window

  • Governor Kabashima

 There is comment prior to announcement.

 From this month 5, we hide handball representative from Japan, cage for women, and "trial games 2018" of JAPAN is held in Kumamoto.

 This meeting is held as pre-match of 2019 girl handball world championship. In addition, as reconstruction aid of Kumamoto earthquake, citizens of the prefecture can see free.

 In game last night, the last war of representative from Japan who broke OMRON pin D with 37 to 23 is prefectural general gymnasium today from 7:00 p.m. We have many of you arrive by all means and want to have you enjoy play of world standard.

 And, on 6th, there was combinatorial lottery of championship started in the end of November, this year in Kumamoto in Asia. It was the last qualifier for held world meeting, and Japan was fixed at qualifier round Group A same as "Kazakh" "Iran" in 2019.

 It is extremely important meeting in telling result of the world championship of 2019. We will heap up in all Kumamoto so that we go down and hide, and JAPAN fully shows the ability.

Governor Kabashima

In addition, for international athletic meet of the next year when we included rugby, we publicize KUMAMON with every effort. We announced the other day, but, as for Kyushu version New Year's card of the next year, KUMAMON dressed in uniform of handball and KUMAMON with rugby ball are designed.

 Furthermore, KUMAMON links ball to me by handball PR video "Hand in Hand" with thought, too, and many people see through homepage and SNS.

 The country seems to be able to want to come to Kumamoto to customer from foreign countries by all means from the start, and KUMAMON tries "hospitality" in all Kumamoto hard by force to blow off heat, too. KUMAMON appears on heated heated seat stage of Kumamoto-shi Castle Aya Land full of many overseas tourists as the part (josaien) secondary to last year. Period is ten days from August 22 to 31st.

 It is under 500 days until meeting public performance, and this becomes crucial moment. We concentrate power of citizen of the prefecture with KUMAMON and want to do our best for success of meeting.



[about Aso UNESCO world Geopark]

Governor Kabashima

 It is comment that we follow.

 From this month 6 to 9th, reexamination of Aso UNESCO world Geopark is carried out.

 To world eminent caldera which volcanic activity created, people run living for more than 30,000 years, and Aso area is area that is unique in the world where people of about 50,000 live a life now.

 All of you of Aso area coexisted with nature for many years, and value was very high worldwide, and it was authorized in the world Geopark in September, 2014 what we protected grassy plain and brought up.

 By Kumamoto earthquake of the year before last, Aso area suffered big damage, too, but re-authorization of world Geopark is essential to promote revival of Aso more.

 In addition, including Kumamoto earthquake, it is our mission facing the menace that leaves record, and therefore, with beautiful scenery which nature brings, continuation and development of Geopark activity are important at all.

 We work on activity in cooperation with promotion meeting and the local local government even if we assume the prefecture, and Aso prays the UNESCO world Geopark for what is authorized again heartily.


Announcement item

[about the situation of agriculture entries such as companies in Kumamoto]

Governor Kabashima

 Then we move to announcement.

 In the kabashimakemmatsurigoto third quarter, we raise aim of 200 number of the agriculture entries by 2019 to plan securing of a variety of leading figures of agriculture and push forward agriculture entries such as companies strongly. We announce the epitome as we gathered the entry situation until 2017.

 The number of entries of 2017 became 19 cases, 12 companies. As a result, as for the number of total of entries from 2009, 177 cases, the number of the companies become 129 companies.

 In addition, the farming area by agriculture entry of the conventional companies amounts to about 471ha in total, and the number of the common use employers increases to 607 people.

 Kumamoto Ajioka soft concrete of Asagiri-cho, it was entered Nishiki-machi and Sagaramura by cultivation of tea when we talked about main example of 2017. We will hope that we have you play an active part in Kuma area as new leading figure in future.

 In addition, Kumamoto wine of Kumamoto-shi, it was entered Kikukamachi, Yamaga-shi agriculture by cultivation of grape for wine. As construction of winery is pushed forward with agriculture entry, we expect that it is greatly connected for activation of Yamaga area as new sightseeing base.

 For entry company, we plan stabilization of management through follow-ups such as farming technique support and, in the prefecture, will support new agriculture entry of company toward realization of agriculture to be able to earn positively. 



[about holding of high school student prefectural assembly]

 Finally there is news.

 "High school student prefectural assembly" is started at half past 1 p.m. today.

 High school student prefectural assembly raises understanding and interest of youth about role of measure and prefectural assembly of the prefecture and, for the purpose of exchanging discussion about "dream of Kumamoto" that high school student describes, carries out from 2011.

 Six prefecture, 24 high school students participate and exchange discussion this year about the future of Kumamoto.

 In addition, resolution for political participation of youth is going to be suggested as the first attempt this time.

 I am glad of such an approach in what is performed while young generation catches politics as their things, and it is demanded that we participate positively.

 In response to dream and thought of high school student carrying the future of Kumamoto, we expect hot discussed thing.

 That is all from me.

Questions and answers

●About disgraceful affair of the Kumamoto public school staff of a school

(secretary company)

 Thank you. We ask a question from secretary company.

 Though it was different from announcement item, it was announced disciplinary measure of four people in Prefectural Board of Education yesterday.

 We want to visit Prefectural Board of Education about the situation that disgraceful affairs of the staff of a school occur successively so that it is said "declaration of a state of emergency" what kind of thing you want to teach with reputation stopper of the governor some other time in future for Prefectural Board of Education.

Governor Kabashima

Governor Kabashima

 We regret as the governor in such a situation having occurred successively very much. As disgraceful affair never happens in Board of Education, we want to have you try for prevention of recurrence.


(secretary company)

 What is like that to be concrete that we want to instruct such a thing some other time (or there is)?


Governor Kabashima

 When we regard this situation as "state of emergency" in Board of Education as far as I know, and Director temporary education office work meeting is held today. It is to demand instruction to perform the making of good workplace of reinforcement and ventilation of the training at school surely in that.

 In addition, we hear when we carry out the training that utilized prevention of disgraceful affair text targeting at all staff of a school at all schools.


Questions and answers

●About factor of KUMAMON achievement

(secretary company)

 When though it is abstract question unlike announcement item, on the other day, KUMAMON is taken up by series of great man comics, and, even as for the character, KUMAMON receives even the prefecture to person of the world as the governor what kind of factor for the first time though I hear among for the first time historical people for the first time (or he/she thinks).


Governor Kabashima

 Specifically, we think that there may be three.

 It is first that design of Mizuno studies was very good. At first, it is one that it was only so-called design image, but everybody does not come near to KUMAMON which we made mimicking it, and child burst into tears, and it is gradually improved, and KUMAMON of the present form came to Kumamoto.

 We secondly think that effort of KUMAMON oneself was very big. So such a figure that KUMAMON oneself is loved by everybody and action. When everybody loved it very much.

 When license was free, and, as "free-market policy free-market policy," please might not use thirdly everybody carelessly that you might use freely. It was welcomed very much, and all of companies was used for various products, too. It is the first start. When and though it was called "joint ownership space", everybody participated freely, and, for example, I made product with KUMAMON or did various event, and it gradually spread. Though the prefectural office designs this and does not spread, everybody thinks that it may be big that it spread in the world going into the ring freely.

Governor Kabashima

 Though we thought that there were various factors, KUMAMON group of the prefectural office did its best, too. But there is quite many that idea that we do not think of enters from any place other than the prefectural office. Though life of a great man (comics) was so, Shogakukan took up KUMAMON as the 61st great man. Probably it is well-done very much though we think that we did not consider.

What and it loves all other mascots to have been impressed most though I read and we introduce. When that part was good. And there was introduction of anonymous mascot which we did not know. It raised funds at the time of Kumamoto earthquake together or thought that that part was very good.

 Though think that there are various analyses, my rough analysis is such a thing. As this joint ownership space is spreading out now all over the world, we think that various idea that it is not possible for may be put to imagination from the world. It means that it spreads more and more.


(secretary person)

 That is all from secretary person. We would like the companies.


Questions and answers

●About "the rebuilding of house"


 It becomes irrelevant to announcement, and though I am sorry, it was October in last year that it extended entering of temporary housing concerning temporary housing of Kumamoto earthquake for one year, but there is already place called August, and it has impression whether is so-called realization and time when we say or consider that it is already said with extension in the inside where that entering hope is still extended is in a considerable number for one year. We say prospect of the neighborhood or, about the current situation neighborhood, think that we can visit some other time what kind of thought you have.


Governor Kabashima

 I always say, it "never says to leave because time came". As well as it, we prepare package which can secure various houses and say that we want everybody to spend it.

 I snuggle up to people who cannot appear by various circumstances from temporary housing within period carefully and, for us, think, and I think that one prepares for package when I say "it is why, and do you not come?", and case to be wrong never snuggles up to it without extension of term saying it is saying "we can do such a thing" (we suggest) and is just coping.

 Though we hoped for extension, we want to nominate person whom extension was not detected in for example one. Household of couple in the 50s and two children is broken. When as article matching condition somehow which considers, and begins temporary construction, and wants to extend period is not found, it follows and considers and it is temporary and wants to live.

 As a result of because household incomes exceeded 10 million (Japanese yen) what happened as a result that we talked, explaining that did not correspond to extension requirements in the municipalities, and having guided assistance measures of money for support of reconstructing livelihoods of disaster victims and four, at the present considered, and temporary construction was decided by just lasting house and thing that did. Though explain, "there are such assistance measures though cannot extend in rule", and think that was changed in it, is just living; consider, and is lasting by temporary construction; when was rebuilt to live that do, hear.

 One circumstance is different each. When we think that this must extend by all means, in acknowledgment of extension, we hear when understood by suggesting various assistance measures if it is not detected.

 August this as for me of "the rebuilding of house" think that is period (public information reinforcement), and is announcing that there is such a package through radio-TV hard.



 Though the prefecture conveys that it is said with the need on the government side when we say in legal procedure and thinks that we judge the right or wrong of extension from the government side, how about whether you are thinking about extension for the current situation, the prefecture that necessary?


Governor Kabashima

 In such a case we think that we will talk with country. As they come out, individual cases come out and want to talk about whether approval of country is necessary (thing) if it is said so.

Governor Kabashima
It is not "please to merely leave" to be important, and Kumamoto is explaining package various with every effort now. For example, saying it is or "60-year-old one builds house if we pay about 10,000 yen and can live throughout the life" or is saying "we can have home if we pay only principal as the prefecture pays young household interest if there is 20,000 yen". From it because "the prefecture leaves 200,000 (Japanese yen) when there are not deposit or money, please use it. Saying because moving expense pays uniformity 100,000 (Japanese yen), please. It thinks me to be very important to offer such various program package.
 Person who is not borrowed from because there is not guarantor prepares for the new package which it is possible for even if guarantor is not very much one more though this is acute problem as we are and introduces that place to such.



 I'm sorry, with the present connection. It is story supporting in that it is difficult one that cannot leave from temporary housing, to appear as the prefecture, but viewpoint changes slightly, but though living in temporary housing soon thinks that it is already already just in the situation cutting 30,000, we think that person appearing from temporary construction is the increasing situation more, but think that we do not become independent in the inside where has a lot of very in various places by way of explanation.
 Though we think that there are various kinds, we think whether which is in trouble very financially comes, but think that it is person that the rebuilding of earthquake cost a large amount of money or was able to find only in form that jobs is different from before in that we want temporary construction to tell victim support after having appeared if he/she may think as the governor as prefecture in anything now.


Governor Kabashima

 We think that that one must cope with package with welfare policy. Though "there is such a welfare policy, would you like to use?." We think in this sense that we want to watch the municipalities and welfare policy in form that we did together.
 (area) Assist, and is centers, such; when is in trouble very hard economically, want to push forward in "would like to use such a welfare policy?" and such a form.



 That what just said supports in existing welfare policy; do think?
 Thought to be addition particularly though may be not to be positioning called victim when was over temporary construction for the moment (there is not).


Governor Kabashima

 In existing policy is coped. Such one is house of public or disaster public housing. This is very low, and rent is held down. We think that it is reserve for such people. I think plus to package welfare policy if in trouble more.


Questions and answers

●About correspondence from Kumamoto-shi assembly for decision result to offer


 In addition, may we ask about correspondence as the prefecture and thought of the present governor about the matter some other time though we think that there was offer of the effect that decision is not detected in regarding the governor decision of last month 11 on July 25 by Kumamoto-shi assembly though topic changes?


Governor Kabashima

 Though we think that we already explained in press conference, about decision of unemployment of municipal assembly, we take because we do unanimously that it is heavy.

 We decide whether we have you consult with self-government dispute processing committee meeting about this, and we respond in it again carefully, and it is put under ban of another job to establish, and it just conflicts with Local Government Act in it.

 Though our decision is thing to disagree with though it is different from City Council made unanimously, by the judgment whether or not it conflicts with, we think that after all we cannot but explain it carefully.

 So we want to reply in document about way of thinking that support department in charge for submitted offer carefully from municipal assembly (and orders) and reached this decision about monkey book containing carefully. We are adjusting for the last time now to be able to hand answer with notice of decision of information disclosure in addition.



 Has it not been decided when the answer is yet to be concrete?


Governor Kabashima

 When is it answer? [towards ※ secretariat]


The secretariat

 It is Municipal Administration Division. As decision day of information disclosure is today, we are just filing in answer and direction that puts together, and copes today.


Questions and answers

●About goshorakakyojigyo


 Stop of goshorakakyo is proposed in prefecture in the end of July and consulted with reevaluation monitoring committee, but it has already passed for four years after it is said to be stop in the last reevaluation committee in reason and 2014 when we reached judgment called stop, but wants to ask for explanation of this period having suffered.

Governor Kabashima

Governor Kabashima

 Though there was this bridging business to realize dream and living filled with prides in area where islanders lived so long while there was handicap called remote island, we wrestled in it. We consulted with reevaluation committee about correspondence policy plan of the prefecture which assumed it stop once this time and did.

 For islanders that early realization was looked forward to by realization of bridging, very; as will be to yearn, think that must explain progress when reached it carefully though was judgment that it is difficult as me.

 Though we wanted to have you argue about it well in the future committee, originally stop was judgment of committee, but investigated thoroughly concerning stop once whether you could not realize bridging until now for four years that you wanted to investigate thoroughly a little more. Based on the result, it is to have performed offer to committee of cessation this time. So, as for this, is judgment several months later (as for appearing)? [towards ※ secretariat]


The secretariat

 It is Road Construction Division. Committee has the first on July 20, and there are five times of committees in total until November. Opinion is submitted within this year from committee, and we receive it, and judgment of the governor will appear within this year as the prefecture.


Governor Kabashima

 I am very sorry toward the islanders that this was looked forward to and think in this sense that, in any case, you must explain it carefully.



 You think that there are the measures that were worked on so far inside not to appear, concerning stop, how do you think of bridge about remote island promotion plan for the time being?


Governor Kabashima

 As we took various promotion plan though or, for example, increase in the number of flights of regular line and reduction of passage are placement of Dr. full-time employment or are charge-free of passage of use of high school student attending school or we carry out "island taste marathon event" about remote island promotion plan, we want to carry out those promotion plan with effort. Anyway, concrete promotion plan continues that we go now and thinks that you may have to think about what kind of thing you can do from now on anything else. We think this part to have to do the best very much. Is it all right?


(secretary company)

 Is it in the companies, others? Then we terminate in the above. Thank you.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           It is) more than (



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