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The second Kumamoto future meeting

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 We held meeting in the second Kumamoto future.The second Kumamoto future meeting 1


 It promoted past economic growth, switch from the principle of development line and put important point for agriculture and sightseeing promotion that we made use of nature and scenery of Kumamoto in and was provided a lot opinion that you should describe strategy toward future at meeting.
 In addition, opinions such as the need of approach and education to gather youths, interchange with Asia, importance of marketing and branding in agriculture, forestry and fisheries industry were provided.

1 date and time

 Saturday, January 24, 2009 from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00


2 venues

 Kumamoto terusa (tai tree)


3 attendance committees

 Hiroo Oguri committee (representative of Kumamoto Japan Committee for Economic Development secretary) 

 Shochu Kyou committee (University of Tokyo Graduate School information science Professor Tamaki)

 Atsushi Saito committee (Tokyo Stock Exchange group's board member and representative executive officer president)

 Tatsuro Sakimoto committee (Kumamoto University's president)
 Koichi Hashida committee (KYUDENKO Corporation's president)

 Masayuki Matsushima committee (Credit Suisse securities's chairperson)

 Governor Ikuo Kabashima 

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4 minutes

  The second Kumamoto future meeting 2
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