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Thank you for your much support, encouragement

We suffered serious damage by Kumamoto earthquake in each place in Kumamoto in 2016.

We have support supplies, volunteer activity, contribution, great support, encouragement including donation than domestic and foreign all of you soon after such inside, outbreak.

We appreciate that we change for past support, encouragement deeply.

The distance until revival still just began, and long time and much power will be necessary from now on.

As we change support, encouragement from many of you to power and we match power as "team Kumamoto" and work on revival,

We will hope that we have you support from now on.

You can see various information such as contribution or volunteer than each link of the lower pe ji.


Information about support that we had


 Japanese Red Cross Society, public funds society, Kumamoto take bona fides had by domestic and foreign many of you, and contribution sends the total amount to suffered from through the municipalities.

 52,635,231,148 yen (as of October 31, 2018)

    45,436,200,000 yen of them has been distributed

  ※For details, it is this. About the 28th distribution of 2016 Kumamoto earthquake contribution


Oldness and Kumamoto support donation (hometown tax)

 For oldness and Kumamoto support donation (hometown tax), we have support from all of you of the whole country to business such as restoration, revival of stricken area that prefecture enforces.

 It is 5,533,417,467 yen for receptionist in 2016

 It is 739,484,964 yen for receptionist in 2017

 For 2018 receptionist 94,042,278 yen (at end of October)

 ※It is this about breakdown. About oldness and the Kumamoto support donation (hometown tax) results


The volunteer participation number of people

 From hatsuwazawaichokugo, we work on support such as assortment of support supplies, distribution of boiled rice or administration at refuge and have, in addition, volunteer various places of most be active from the whole country such as debris removal or putting in order in victim house.

120,516 (as of March 30, 2018, we check prefecture Council of Social Welfare)


Contribution  Hometown
Volunteer  Support supplies

Support message  Money of damaged cultural assets reconstruction aid such as Kumamoto-jo Castle, Aso-jinja Shrine

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