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Voice of person who emigrated

Young people want to make crane of hot water which comfortable wind blows gathering placeSmall bakery of small village where there are a lot of dream and happinessWe make ideal furniture with county town of Kumamoto and enjoy community improvementDishes and comfort discerning in back alley of Kumamoto whom we chose as place that adult can enjoyA lot of what that Kamiamakusa is good! We of immigrant knowThough is from outside the prefecture, and agriculture is the first experience; aim suha Aso's best tomato farmhouse!We want to look for that I can do it for favorite Itsuki-muraPlace where Amakusa that it is connected to the earth, and lives can play it naturallyPut own change on figure of passing AsoIn stationers whom comfort to produce encounters with person and thing, person and person is good forDays to feel joy that we can cook while feeling sunlight under the deep blue skyThank with encounter that long-cherished rural living brought for spiritually rich daysDaily life to spend for "relationship" in thanks Nankan-machi is my driving forceWe appease scar of earthquake disaster and live in Kumamoto of security, relief... which makes bamboo work as "tool" which came from livingThere is a lot of charm in Minamiaso! Come; and is ... in the charm... to enjoy as there is comfort without "made thing"Encounter with person is ... with opportunity changing way of lifeBe charmed in "river of treasure" bringing up "shaku sweetfish" clear stream, the Kawabe RiverPlace that can face each other to live. Machiya is house ... of idealDishes which are delicious with ingredients of Kamiamakusa. Dream is big; "is ... in the worldWarmth not to be affected likes no in country "Nara" It is supported by warmth and gentleness of person of Amakusa and realizes dreamFavorite what of Minamiaso is ... with expression seasonallyBackground
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