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November 11, 2018

We hold Minamata SUP demonstration event "Minamata SUP BAY!"!

The last update date:
In the child beach of Minamata-shi hot water,
Marine sports "stand-upper paddleboard" popular now
We hold race of popular name "SUP" (Sapp) and experience party!
SUP is new marine sports born in Hawaii to take strong surfboard of buoyancy, and to row in paddle.
When we sit down and row and make cruising relaxedly and do yoga and fishing on board
We can enjoy wide age group by various how to play.
In Kumamoto and Minamata-shi through the future, such an experience-based event
As well as lover, we convey charm of SUP toward the lot including beginner and
We send the beautiful sea of Minamata for the prefectural inside and outside.
In addition, it continues and works on the spread of SUP promotion and aims at national-scale meeting holding.



 Sunday, November 11, 2018 from 9:30 to 15:30 



 Child beach (Osako, Minamata-shi, Kumamoto) of hot water




 Kumamoto, association of SUPA Japan stand-upper paddleboard


The cosponsorship




 Association of Minamata sightseeing product, Minamata-shi fishermen's cooperative association


Event contents

(1) Holding of demonstration race

   We hold amateur elite race, dragon SUP race that we did led by local participant.

   In addition, after the race, paddle clinic by the Japanese top player is carried out, too.

  [participation fee]

   Amateur elite race one 3,000 yen

   Dragon SUP race     One set of 1,500 yen

   ※Watching race is free.   

   ※As there is commentary, relay from the spot, during race, watching SUP can enjoy the first.

   ※As famous player of Japanese SUP world participates in elite race, it is can watch powerful valuable race.

   ≪Main participation player≫

   Kenny Kaneko, Kota Kayashima, Kei Komatsuyama, Yuka Sato, Kashiwagi star ear player, Kashiwagi star poetry player


(2) Conduct of SUP experience society       

   We carry out SUP experience party for the public widely. We can experience BigSUP of eight-passenger, too.

   As beginner is welcome, please participate with family, friend both children and adults.

  [participation fee]

   SUP experience one 1,000 yen

   BigSUP experience one 500 yen 

   ※In addition, take bath towels as it is November holding and becomes chilly.


(3) Eating and drinking, product sales booth branch

   Booth branch by cooperation of SUP board maker and sporting event support maker

   There is branch of eating and drinking, product booth around hometown.




 "Minamata SUP BAY!" The administration secretariat

 [application method]

  Apply from the following entry forms.

  (1) SUP race

  SUP entry formWe open with the other window(external link)


   (2) Dragon SUP race

  Dragon SUP entry formWe open with the other window(external link)


  (3) Experience-based meeting

  Experience-based meeting entry formWe open with the other window(external link)


About accommodation


Child beach of hot water

 As, around beach, Yunoko Onsen hotel overlooking the marine bioluminescence sea of superb view forms a line

 Accommodation drop in, and please thoroughly enjoy hot water, local dainty food.

 Please refer to this for Yunoko Onsen inn.

 Minamata-shi homepage URL → http://www.city.minamata.lg.jp/376.html



Flyer race essential points


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