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We bound and held the capture technology training with trap

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We bound and held capture skull session with trap

 Agriculture and forestry business damage due to the wild birds and beasts such as wild boar, sika is serious in Kamimashiki jurisdiction and is carrying out prevention measures and capture measures now in each town.

 About capture measures, each town makes damage prevention plan and performs the harmful birds and beasts capture based on it. Upbringing of worker who had knowledge to capture the nature birds and beasts giving damage surely and high capture technology is important to make use of this approach to the maximum.

 In Thursday, December 20, 2018, our Promotion Bureau, is one of the capture means for worker; bound, and held workshop for the acquisition, improvement of capture technology with trap.

 We had lecturer actually receive practical training with lecture targeting at and the administration people in charge who engaged in capture work toward the gamekeeping management capture coordinator who received registration in Ministry of the Environment in invitation, Yamato-cho.

                        The meeting situation

  At first we bind and lecture on choice and setting technology of trap, management method in lecture to have you bind to capture workers and deepen knowledge about trap

 We had this.


The outdoors training 2 The outdoors training 3 The outdoors training 4

 After lecture, we had you actually bound in mountain and perform instruction and training of setting method of trap.

 We were able to actually have you notice that there was point that was important to place where we did not notice in usual times by having had you install that made a model of on the site.


   We are going to support with instruction for worker and administrative officer sequentially to support the birds and beasts damage control in the jurisdiction in our Promotion Bureau.

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