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Copyright of 1 image belongs to Kumamoto Agricultural Research Center.

Image published in these 2 pages is available freely.

  But the next case is excluded.

(1) When it is aimed for use of commerce

   When you want use of commerce, permission from Kumamoto is necessary. Please apply for the use permission to reference.

   In application, please let know item like the next reference style or reference style by email or fax.

    ○Use of use of reference style (Word version) image applicationWe open with the other window (PDF version) image applicationWe open with the other window

   In addition, we may not allow to sell image directly.

(2) When we modify image

   We change image to have of original photograph and prohibit modification spoiling.

(3) When it is against laws and ordinances and policy of law

   We prohibit the use.

About any damage that accrued in conjunction with the use of 3 images, Kumamoto does not take all responsibility.

Of 4 images which is not published when wish to use, please contact reference.


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