We authorized Kumamoto reading company (No. 5)

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 We promote "leading company upbringing support project" to bring up in leading company (* 2) bringing about the amount of high added value (* 1) by authorizing the high prefecture medium and small-sized business of growth possibility as leading upbringing companies to promote powerful growth of prefectural economy in the prefecture, and supporting generally and continuously.

 Because ojikkutekunorojizu achieved more than value-added sum 1 billion yen, we authorized as "Kumamoto reading company" and issued certificate from Governor Kabashima on February 23, 2016.

 Kumamoto reading company became following five companies.


  (the first) Aso farm land     (August, 2011)

  (No. 2) Treasure of technology (December, 2012)

  (No. 3) Nexus          (December, 2012)

  (No. 4) Company-based steel company           (August, 2014)

  (No. 5) ojikkutekunorojizu (this time)


(* 1) Value-added sum: The total of operating income, personnel expenses and depreciation and amortization

(* 2) Leading company: Company with more than 1 billion yen of annual value-added sum


The whole photograph

President Kanamori and the governor     

(from the left)

ojikkutekunorojizu president Shuichi Kanamori

Governor of Kumamoto Ikuo Kabashima


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