Hikawa Dam management place

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Photograph of Hikawa Dam management place

 Izumimura with person of unexplored region five-so known as Heike legend.
 It is Hikawa Dam constructed in 1967 that becomes tourist attraction of village along with waterfall of suspension bridge (cat's cradle bridge, shakunage bridge) and chinaberry roar of Momiki, Mt. Yayama.
 In dam management place rebuilt this time, we watch dam, and, in addition to primary objective managing, there is role as observation station of Lake dam park which is famous place of cherry tree.
 From huge observation deck suggesting suspension bridge, we can expect the mountains surrounding lake and surface of a lake to project panorama of sky, the scenery on.
 The observation station becomes dam museum and attracts attention as new tourist attraction of village.

Building summary

 We padded dam of Hikawa Dam and increased dam pondage, and, with design to raise function of dam, rebuilding of old dam management place to become submergence was necessary. It was original function to maintain monitoring, management function soundly in facility which performed control of water gate continuously, but, in the dam management place, function as observation station which reinforced charm of sightseeing of Lake dam park (famous spot of cherry tree, light up of aeration fountain) here was required in addition by dam CPU.
 About the first function, we cope with solid box of concrete. The second function prepares for dynamic stairs tower and observation deck by hanging structure more than 40m in length to compete for in scale power of dam. Reference library for learning, visit about dam contacts with balcony and has both functions as so-called dam museum. Overlook of dam lake at various levels of surface of a lake +26m is unexpectedly splendid in surface of a lake +38m, observation deck on top balcony of stairs tower, and there is thing that heart jumps.

Photograph of Hikawa Dam management place Photograph of Hikawa Dam management place

<building data>

Name Hikawa Dam management place
Furigana hikawadamukanrisho
The location Izumimachishimodake, Yatsushiro-shi
Main uses Dam management place
The business main constituent Kumamoto
Designer Teruo Nonaka
 Building Class Toyooka
 Electricity Shirasagi Denki Kogyo
 Machine The east facilities
 EV TOSHIBA elevator Kyushu branch office
Plottage 1,275m2
Building area 351.56m2
Total floor area 713.81m2
Number of floors The third floor above the ground
Structure Steel reinforced concrete construction, some steel-frame buildings
Outside finish  
 Roof Rubber asphalt waterproofing, some aluminum plating steel sheet t=0.6 ritsu**
 Outer wall Concrete strong beat, quality of some 50 angles mosaic porcelain tile *
Construction period From March, 2000 to May, 2001
Total construction cost 249 1 million yen

<architect profile>

Photograph of Teruo Nonaka Teruo Nonaka (can win)
1942 Kumamoto birth
1965 Waseda University department of science and engineering architecture department graduation
1967 Masters degree course in Waseda University Graduate School construction engineering department completion
  Building city design coterie TEAM VOS participation
1980 TEAM VOS Nonaka drawing office establishment
1991 The Nonaka architecture office succession
Main work
Oya Nomachi general gymnasium, Kumamoto synthesis firing range, health center for the elderly stoop down; garden, Kumamoto Broadcasting
Receiving a prize career
1998 Prize for election for prize for the fourth Kumamoto art police promotion
PHOTO: Masaki Miyai
We relate to this page
Department of Civil Engineering Architecture Division art police, UD group
Telephone: 096-333-2537
(ID: 1692)

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