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We held seine net experience!

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We held quite popular event "seine net experience"!

 We carried out "seine net experience" in prefectural ashikita Youth Recreation Hall and Ashikita Marine Park beach on August 26.

 There was application more than twice the offer and had you participate toward chosen approximately 200 people by lot this year.


 It is environmental lecture in the morning.

 We studied the issue of global warming, garbage, water regime and various fields.

 We do not often know even adult plenty! 


Lecture 1

Lecture 2

Well, it is beginning of environmental lecture

If the earth is ball of 1m…

 It is finally seine net experience from the afternoon.

 We match power with all the participants and pull net.


Net 1Net 2

We match power together and pull net

Were you produced?


 Many fish were produced this year.

 We take away fish which we caught in everybodies.


Fish 1Fish 2

Huge! !

Fish and high, cheese which were produced!

 It shows the environmental richness of the sea with seine net that many fish were produced.

 We will continue living a life that we considered natural environments to protect our sea.


 We are going to carry out seine net experience in the next fiscal year. We look forward to your application.

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