Message from the governor about animal protection management of Kumamoto

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On Friday, February 17, 2017, Governor Kabashima sent the next message about animal protection management of Kumamoto.

Dog, protection including cat, basic attitude toward management animal

○ Way of thinking to "aim at killing zero" that we advocated in manifesto in the least changes, and, regardless of outbreak of Kumamoto earthquake, there are none about animal which the prefecture protected.

○ Based on this policy, we will push forward return to original owner and transfer to new owner sequentially.

○ But among animals detained now by animal control center,
 (1) Animal not to be able to anticipate of healing
 (2) Animal which is infected with infectious disease
 (3) Animal which might give harm in person and other animals
  By judgment of expert (veterinarians), we perform comfortable fatal disposal with anaesthetic injection while asking about nadonitsuiteha, opinion of protection group.

○ In addition, it is important that approach to aim at killing zero increases exits (return, transfer). "Entrance measures" that owner keeps with responsibility till the last at the same time are important.

○ It is said to be able to reduce breeding by doing sterilization from expert.

○ In cooperation with other local governments and protection groups, we strengthen approach of animal protection and will aim at killing zero in future.

Governor of Kumamoto Ikuo Kabashima



Basic policy of the prefecture for animal protection

 In kabashimakemmatsurigoto, we will wrestle about animal protection administration based on "Kumamoto restoration, revival four years strategy" (from 2016 to 2019).


■Kumamoto restoration, revival four years strategy (extract)
"We aim at killing zero of dog and cat and, in cooperation with veterinarian society, protection group, push forward enlightenment of breeding and antifertility measures for life and connect with decrease such as dog and cat taking care of. Besides, we strengthen approach of animal protection leading to transfer."


 After the Kumamoto earthquake, we were able to largely decrease killing of animal. Along "restoration, revival four years strategy," we aim at killing zero of dog and cat sequentially and promote the following approaches.

○It is promoted enlightenment reinforcement of breeding, appropriate breeding (sterility castration) for life

○Promotion of return, transfer of protection animal

○The accommodation environment maintenance of animal control center

○Animal protection group, cooperation reinforcement with volunteer all of you

○Active information disclosure of protection animal


Reference: About correspondence of the conventional prefecture for protection, management animal

・Many dog and cat were brought into health center and destroyed many animals in animal control center unavoidably until now.
・Until the H23 year, we carry out fatal disposal with gas.
・It shifts to anaesthetic injection only for kitten, puppy from the H24 year.
・From the H25 year, we post two animal protection specialists in animal control center and hold "contact lesson for primary schoolchildren with animal". We established place that learned importance of life. (112 times of H25 - H27 results, 5,274)
・We start transfer class in animal control center from the H27 year.
・We advocated, Governor Kabashima "aimed at killing zero of dog/cat" with manifesto in H28 year.
・On Kumamoto earthquake of H28 four a year month, dog and cat which the prefecture protected are making efforts for protection group inside and outside the prefecture, volunteer, the cause of cooperation of person concerned with local government of other prefectures, return to original owner and transfer to new owner.
・It is shown clearly for Kumamoto restoration, revival four years by strategy, "we aim at killing zero".
・The number of the killing of dog and cat largely decreased, and transfer rate was the highest ever (cf. chart below).



Number of the dog disposal and disposal rateNumber of the dog transfers and transfer rate

Number of the killing (bar graph) of dog and killing rate (line graph)

Number of the transfers (bar graph) of dog and transfer rate (line graph)


Number of the transfers of cat and transfer rateNumber of the cat transfers and transfer rate

Number of the killing (bar graph) of cat and killing rate (line graph)

Number of the transfers (bar graph) of cat and transfer rate (line graph)



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