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It is ... with approach ... food loss of food loss reduction

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With food loss

 Food loss is food which is thrown away though we are eaten.

 By estimation of Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, 27,750,000 tons a year of food waste occurs altogether Japan, and, of these, 6,210,000 tons are done with food loss, and 2,820,000 tons are exhausted 3,390,000 tons from home by company activity. (2014 estimation)

 This is equivalent to approximately 2 times of quantity of world food aid for people suffering from starvation all over the world (in 2014 approximately 3,200,000 tons a year).

 Of resources which most are burnt up as for the food waste, but are important now it is necessary effectively utilize, and to reduce food loss from consideration to environmental load.


With sustainable development target (SDG' s)

 2030 agendas were adopted by United Nations Summit in September, 2015.

 In these 2030 agendas, sustainable development target (SDG' s) is included, and 169 targets are decided on 17 goals, and there is "reduction by half of food waste per person" in one of these goals.


 *SDG' s…Abbreviation of Sustainable Development Goals.

 *Agenda…Problem, aim in policy, meaning such as agreement.



Approach in Kumamoto

(1) The metropolis and districts, cooperation with municipality

 In Kumamoto, we act for intelligence pertaining to advanced example by "it is delicious nationwide, finishing eating, and participating in exercise network meeting" (we establish in 44 metropolis and districts, 201 municipalities on October 10, 2016) for food loss reduction and wrestle for measure about food loss.

 "It is delicious nationwide finishes eating, and we finish eating widely in the whole country and promote exercise and promote i te 3R, and exercise network meeting" is network between municipality established for the purpose of reducing food loss.
 2 local governments participate in the prefecture municipalities, but will perform pressure now so that many municipalities participate.
(2) Each Kyushu cooperation with prefecture 
 Citizen of the prefecture, restaurant, administration performed approach for reduction of food waste all in one body in Kumamoto by carrying out "Kumamoto leftover zero campaign" from December 1, 2015 to January 31, 2016, and agreement was for the exercise; almost register restaurant as "campaign registration shop".

 From 2016, we would wrestle in "Kyushu garbage reduction promotion meeting" to constitute approach of reduction of food waste in seven prefectures of Kyushu (Fukuoka, Saga, Nagasaki, Kumamoto, Oita, Miyazaki, Kagoshima), and we finished eating Kyushu, and "we finished eating Kyushu, and, in the cooperation shops, establishment of registration conduct summary made poster using unification name of cooperation shop" and sticker.

 In addition, as part of this approach, proprietor that store was located in plural prefectures became available for collective registration application for store in any prefecture.


We do it
(3) Kumamoto finishes eating and exercises!

 "Kumamoto finished eating and, in 2016, carried out exercise!" by "Kumamoto leftover zero campaign" in 2015.

 Kumamoto finishes eating and exercises! Then we call for practice about next (1) - (4) to reduce food loss in banquet.

 1. Let's enjoy cooking after the toast during around 15 minutes of shuenzen!

 2. We do not do, "we leave Higo noitcho" that one dish remain to dish!

 3. Let's hand over dishes which we do not like to person who can eat!

 4. Thank person who cooked dishes heartily!

 *As for this approach, it is wrestled by name such as "3010 campaign" and "banquet ○ item" in other local governments.

 *Please cooperate to physical condition or constitution. Eating up is not compulsion.


(4) Enlightenment activity to food manufacturers

 We install 3R coordinator to promote 3R of industrial waste in company activity in Kumamoto and perform grasp of problem about waste, reporting and advice about reduction or recycling of discharge, matching of seeds needs between office.
 As part of this business, we began approach to promote reduction of food loss by introducing of food bank activity in Kumamoto experimentally for food manufacturer who must discard food which we could eat from February, 2017, food wholesaler and food retailer.



 *Food bank takes over quality to occur in process of manufacture of food company out of the standard, and they are group, activity free, to provide to welfare institutions.
  Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries supports food bank activity as one means to plan food loss reduction.

 *Group working on food bank in Kumamoto becomes two of food bank Kumamoto, food bank Tamana.
 *Food bank Kumamoto had contribution from 2 people among proprietor who introduced food bank. Thank you. (at September 22, 2017)

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