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About small household appliances recycling system (Kumamoto)

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About approach of small household appliances recycling (Kumamoto)


1. About background of law establishment


 We were filled up without rare earth elements such as rare metal, neodymium or yttrium such as money included in used small electronic equipment such as cell-phones, silver noble metal and iron, copper, base metal, lithium or titanium including aluminum being recycled. Annual discharge quantity by estimate is said to be 650,000 tons.

 Because such inside, supplier of resources were unevenly distributed and "resources limitation" such as supply of resources being oligopoly state and final disposal site solved tight "environment limitation", law (called "small Home Appliance Recycling Act" as follows.) about promotion of recycling such as used small size electronic equipment was established.



2. About summary of system


System summary
 Person who is going to perform recycling businesses such as used small electronic equipment makes recycling business plan and dispenses with permission of waste disposal treatment business by receiving authorization of competent minister and is system to promote recycling such as used small size electronic equipment.

Target item
 Effective collection transportation is possible, and, among electronic equipment or other electric machine appliances which general consumers offer for one of normal life, thing needing recycling particularly becomes a target of this system.
 28 classifications are determined as item targeted for this system, and the municipalities choose item to collect separated by type depending on the local fact from these classifications now. In addition, we say thing which country appointed in guidelines as item that you should recycle in particular with identification object item.


*As item (air-conditioner, TV, refrigerator, freezer, washing machine, clothing dryer) targeted for Home Appliance Recycling Act does not become a target of small Home Appliance Recycling Act

  Please be careful.
*If system is not intended about "special item that removes, and needs construction including sunlight panel" and "fluorescent tube and electric bulb which are easy to be damaged, and need special collection transportation"

  It becomes.


Item targeted for system and specific target item

   Item that is targeted for system  Specific target item


 Telephone, pantelegraphy or other wire communication machine appliances  Telephone facsimile


 Cell-phone terminal, wireless communication machine appliance of PHS terminal and others Cell-phone terminal
PHS terminal for the public
Car navigation system
VICS unit
ETC vehicle installation unit


 Radio receiver and television receiverReceiver for radiobroadcast
CS digital tuner
Terrestrial digital tuner
STB for cable TV
Car color television
Car tuner
Car radio


 Digital camera, video camera, machine appliance for picture of D buoy D recorder and others

Video tape recorder (set)

DVD - video

BD recorder / player

Video camera (except broadcast use)


Digital camera


Digital audio player, Denki Onkyo machine appliance of stereo set and others Digital audio player
 (flash memory)
Digital audio player (HDD)
Tape recorder which removes deck
MD player
CD Player
IC recorder
Headphones and earphone
Car stereo
Car CD Player
Car MD
Car amplifier
Car speaker 


 Personal computer  PC (desktop type)
PC (notebook type)


 Magnetic disk unit, storage device of optical disk device and othersHard disk
USB memory
Memory card


 Printer or other printers



 Display or other display units Monitor (for computer)




 Electric sewing machine  


 Electric grinder, electric drill or other electric tool - 


 Electric machine appliance for desk calculator or other office work

Electronic calculator
Electronic dictionary


 Electric machine appliance for for bathroom scales or other measurements or the measurementElectronic thermometer
Electronic sphygmomanometer


 Electric inhaler or other medical electric machine appliances  Hearing aid
 16 Film camera  Camera
 17 Jar rice cooker, electric machine appliance for microwave oven or other kitchens 


 Electric fan, electric machine appliance for electric dehumidifier or other air conditioning 


 Electric machine appliance for for electric iron, vacuum cleaner or other clothes or hygiene 


 Electric kotatsu, electric machine appliance for electric heater or other thermal insulation 


 Hair dryer, electric machine appliance for electric shaver or other hairdressing Electric shaver
Electric toothbrush
Hair dryer
Curling irons
Electric hair clipper
Electric shaver washing machine




 Electric machine appliance for running machine or other exercise  


 Electric machine appliance for electric lawnmower or other gardening 


 Electric lighting equipment of fluorescent lamp appliance and others Flashlight


 Electronic clock and electric clockClock


 Electrophone and electric musical instrument 


 Game console or other electronic toys and electric toy 

Lay; dye cloth using paper patterns game console

Portable player
Handheld game (mini-electronic game)
Hi-tech system trend toy


Of this


 These accessories

Remote control


Battery charger

Plug Jack

AC adapter



3. About how to discard small household appliances


 It is to two of thing which authorized proprietor carries out that the municipalities carry out recycling in small household appliances recycling system.
 Main collection method is as follows, but you collect, or ask municipality to live which collection method it is.


1. Collection by the municipalities
"Box collection" performs by "station collections".


Collection method that the municipalities hold

Collection method


 Box collection

・Method that we establish collection box (collection box) permanently at various points, and person of discharge puts used small electric electronic equipment into directly.
・Setting place example of collection box………Public facilities (city halls), supermarket, household appliances store, home center,

                Shopping center, post office, school, station, bicycle parking lot 

 Station collection・Method that new establishment (installs collection containers) does classification division corresponding to used small size electricity electronic equipment to recyclable garbage collection performing every station (garbage discharge place) regularly and collects used small size electricity electronic equipment. 
 Pickup collection・Method to sort used small size electricity electronic equipment from wastes which we collect along classification division of conventional wastes and collected.
・Various methods such as cases to perform in case and belt conveyor to perform pickup work on platform before pit injection are existence.
 Group collection, civic participation type collection ・Method that citizen's association collecting in a group of recyclable garbage has been already used and collects small household appliances.
 Event collection ・Method to collect used small household appliances which we install collection boxes in local event, and participant brought.


2. Collection by authorized company
 We have "store collection" and "moving collection" for collection method that authorized proprietor performs "delivery to home collection".



Person of collection

gai     The pivot

 Lynette mark

   Lynette Japan which is authorized company (Obu-shi, Aichi) starts PC, small size household appliances collection system which utilized home delivery (Sagawa Express). The details such as collection rate, application method, please identify homepage With new window(external link) of Lynette Japan.


 E are Japan (Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima) which is authorized company collects at store of EDION shop which is trust ahead. There is a charge for collection of some items.

 The details such as collection item and collection rates, please identify this With new window(external link).

(not collection box method.)


 ritemu (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) which is authorized company collects at store of kezudenki which is trust ahead. There is a charge for collection of some items.
 Please refer to store for the details such as collection item and collection rates.

(not collection box method.)


Logo 4

 Large honor environment that is authorized company (Izumi-shi, Osaka) starts "black cat small size household appliances recycling services" to collect small size household appliances incidentally such as at the time of replacement by purchase of small size household appliances at the time of putting in order and moving of room in cooperation with YAMATO home convenience and river Holdings.

 YAMATO home convenience takes collection transportation from home to exploitation of resources facility, and large honor environment and river Holdings carry exploitation of resources.

 Please refer to the next URL for the details such as collection item and collection rates.



3. The approach situation of the municipalities in Kumamoto
 The approach situation of small household appliances recycling in the municipalities in Kumamoto is street of the next table.


  The next table                   

 Answer contents

 July 1, 2016

July 1, 2017

 Under conduct

 22 municipalities (48.9%)

 26 municipalities (57.7%)

 We are adjusting for conduct

  5 municipalities (11.1%)

  6 municipalities (13.3%)

 We do not carry out

    4 municipalities (8.9%)

  6 municipalities (13.3%)


    8 municipalities (17.8%)

 7 municipalities (15.5%)


    6 municipalities (13.3%)

  0 municipalities (0.0%)

(Ministry of the Environment "fact-finding about the approach situation to used small household appliances recycling in municipality")



4. Authorized company


 Proprietor who received authorization of recycling business plan from Ministry of the Environment and Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry is called "authorized company", and person of 50 receives authorization in the whole country.

 (as of November 14, 2017)



Authorized company (9 people) which assumes Kumamoto range of business plan

 Authorized number  

 Company name 

 Head office address

 Post in charge contact information

The first

 Large honor environment

 Izumi-shi, Osaka 


 The second issue 

 Nippon Magnetic Dressing

 Kitakyushu-shi, Fukuoka


The fifth


 Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo


The 20th

 Shibata industry

 Kurume-shi, Fukuoka


The 24th

 Lynette Japan

 Obu-shi, Aichi


The 32nd

 JX metal Corporation

 Chuo-ku, Tokyo


The 38th

 E are Japan

 Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima


The 47th

 Environment maintenance is industrial 

 Oita-shi, Oita


 The 48th

 Act B recycling

 Minamata-shi, Kumamoto




5. We make from city mine! Medal project of all


 Because municipality working on small household appliances recycling and municipality adjusting for conduct are the whole country, and it is 74.9%, but on the other hand only 60,000 tons are collected for 650,000 tons of thing and discharge quantity that are 60.0% in Kumamoto by estimate, increase of the number of the municipalities which will wrestle in the system in future is expected. (as of April 1, 2016)
 Because there was cooperation request from thing and Tokyo Governor whom such inside, this project can expect recognition of small household appliances recycling system and improvement of quantity of collection of, "we make Kumamoto from city mine! We approve of medal project of all and we get cooperation of Kumamoto-shi and install collection box, collection basket in the first floor of the Kumamoto prefectural government office Main Building lobby.



6. To citizens of the prefecture


 As for the small household appliances, 650,000 tons is exhausted a year, and estimation that useful metal 280,000 tons, 84,400 million yen equivalency are included is introduced by the central environment council.
 Because noble metal, rare metal, rare earth elements included in these small household appliances are extremely very small amounts, they are filled up without being collected conventionally, and they are not collected enough now either, but Japan boasts of resources reserves of world eminence when they choose these with city mine.
 We understand purpose of small household appliances recycling system and would appreciate your cooperating with citizens of the prefecture.

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