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"Re-here" specific foreign uncooked food is ni news to relate to

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About specific foreign creature "here re-" "dirt Cami ant"

 Ministry of the Environment is appointed from freight (container) which arrived from China in Amagasaki-shi, Hyogo on June 13, 2017 by specific foreign uncooked food; "here announced that re-", confirmed for the first time in o. In addition, appointed "dirt Cami ant" is discovered in specific foreign uncooked food in Kobe Port by the later urgent check.


 We have harm that here re-ha resists, and allergic reaction is caused when stabbed and may result in death. When dirt Cami ant compares here re-ni, poison is weak, but we learn very intense pain when stabbed and swell up in the letter of blister.


 Currently, we are not discovered in the prefecture, but ant similar to here re-ya akakamiari prevent being never barehanded and from touching as here re-ya akakamiari might invade from harbor by any chance when we are.


Reference materials


Museum here re-association between Hyogo Prefectural person and nature With new window(external link)

JIUSSI (international community-related Entomological Society) here re-ni FAQ here re-connection With new window(external link) to relate to





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