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Please be careful about redback spider haiirogokegumo

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Please be careful about redback spider haiirogokegumo

We confirmed redback spider of poisonousness appointed to identification outpatient department creature based on "law about prevention of damage to affect ecosystem with specific foreign uncooked food" for the first time in the prefecture in August, 2013, but one redback spider was confirmed in the Kikuchi city at this time.

 As a result of having investigated the habitation situation by prefecture, Kikuchi-shi on November 2, 2017, we will tell as other redback spiders and egg nouha were not confirmed.

 Habitation of redback spider or haiirogokegumo is confirmed in Kyushu every prefecture and may be discovered in all places of the prefecture.

 When we discover, we have you deal after attention for "we do not touch barehanded" "we step with shoes to spray home insecticide on down and get rid" ten minutes "not to lie hidden, or to confirm", and I would like notification to engine of the nearest municipalities and prefecture.




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