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About 2017 state subsidy to local government (for the municipalities)

The last update date:

 The amount of December grant of 2017 state subsidy to local government is 83. For 900 million yen, it is 193 of the amount of grant in December in increase that is large in the outbreak year of Kumamoto earthquake in 2016 and last year when it was. In comparison with 100 million yen 0. It becomes 43 times (approximately 10,920 million yen decrease).
 But amount of December, 2015 grant 57 to become normal base before Kumamoto earthquake occurrence in 2016. In comparison with 800 million yen is 1 by increase of the amount of disaster-related grant caused by Kumamoto earthquake and expansion of calculation item in 2016 like last year. It becomes 45 times (2,610 million yen increase). Kumamoto earthquake-related item greatly influences main increase and decrease item by all increase such as adoption of increase (75.8 times) of every year evil to calculate by disaster recovery project for the past 3 years, the government enterprise accounts temporary transfer staff taken a step newly from this time, staff of engagement such as disaster recovery efforts this year.



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