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As a result of 2017 "healthy investigation accompanied with Kumamoto earthquake"

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Investigation purpose

 We grasp health condition of citizen of the prefecture after Kumamoto earthquake damage and connect with necessary measure, and, also, basics document of various plans and thing doing are intended that they grasp person who considers, and hopes for support about residents such as temporary housing and connect with necessary service commencing with the fourth Kumamoto 21 health plan (health promotion plan).


Investigation method

(1) Investigation area: The Kumamoto inside and outside

(2) Subjects of survey: Man and woman who considers, and enters temporary housing 19 years or older

(3) The number of the distribution :13,860 households

(4) Extracting method: Household which considers, and enters temporary housing

(5) Investigation method: Mailing method

(6) Investigation period: From 1 to 20 on July in 2017


Investigation item

The household number of people, the house ino municipalities (before and after damage), classification, sex, age, occupation of house, the consultation situation such as medical examinations, physical condition, the situation of disease, treatment, change (oral with opportunity, the eating habits, drinking, smoking, sleep, tooth of opportunity, going out to move exercise and body) of lifestyle, interchange with area, adviser, certification of care need of trouble, presence of disability certificate, presence such as being worried about health side and thing that we want to talk about, health nurse visit desired

 Questionnaire (PDF: 656.1 kilobytes) We open with the other window


Collection result

(1) The number of the collections: 6,682 households (12,483)

(2) Percentage of debt collection: 48.2%


Summary of findings

<background of respondent>

 Sex: 56% of male 43% women

 The generation: Approximately 53% of 60s or more

 The household number of people: And it is two household approximately 67% alone

 Occupation: Approximately 41% of unemployment


<main investigation item>

 ○Medical examination, the situation of illness

  ・Non-testees of medical examination and clinical survey for the past one year were seen a lot

  ・Which "physical condition is not so good" is high in proportion of person who replied, "it is bad"

  ・A lot of people with diseases such as high blood pressure or diabetes were frequent in untreated treatment intermitters such as dentistry or high blood pressure

  ・As for the reason of stopping, "financial burden is big" "family medical facility having gone far" which "time is not produced" sequentially that it is a lot untreated treatment

 ○Change of lifestyle

  ・Momenta decreased

  ・It increased to spend time in house

  ・There was change of the eating habits "that willpower to make decreased" to

  ・Quantity of drinking increased

  ・We were not able to sleep very much

  ・Which "mouth longs" had change of tooth and oral cavity including "we are choked during a meal"

 ○We do not participate in place of exchange held in area

 ○There is not partner whom we can talk about trouble with (man 40 years or older replies that one of four people does not have adviser in particular)

 ○As for the curious thing (free mention), there were descriptions such as uneasiness aggravation, stress of disease, physical condition, legs ache, lack of sleep, depression in the future on health side

 ○227 people hope for health nurse visits (1.8% of the whole)


Report of investigation


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