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Blight company emblem


With blight company

 Kumamoto plans labor circumstances of the prefectural whole and improvement of treatment by working person shining lively, and authorizing company where it is continued working in peace as "blight company" (coined word of Kumamoto reflecting the image of black company and company of opposite poles), and publicizing the superior approach widely and promotes the prefecture employment of youth.

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Basic requirements

 Blight company assumes following four basic requirements.

 ◎ Satisfaction of employee and the family is high

 ◎ We value the local employment

 ◎ Contribution degree to community, regional economy is high

 ◎ We perform stable management


Aim of business

 ① Consciousness reform for labor circumstances of employee in company manager and improvement of treatment

 ② Improvement of fixation rate of employee

 ③ Improvement of productivity accompanied with motivation improvement of employee by treatment improvement

 ④ Increase of saucers from employee and jobseeker to the prefecture employment of youth accompanied with increase of attractive company which we saw


Authorized examination


 ① Corporations which have office where authority about adoption of regular staff is in Kumamoto

 ② Annual average turnover of regular staff to be able to employ in the past 3 years being lower than turnover of type of industry average

 ③ There is adoption plan of more than 1 regular staffs within the next three years

 ④ During latest three years, there are the acceptance results such as internship such as students

 ⑤ Operating income of the second latest financial statements is surplus or that the latest sales increase from the first half year

 ⑥ Do not perform discharge by convenience such as corporations during the past three years

 ⑦ Not receiving judicial punishment to depend on labor administration during the past three years
 ⑧ There not being labor insurance, social insurance and prefectural tax delinquency

 ⑨ In addition, not violating act against policy of law, serious compliance

 ⑩ Getting agreement about application from person representing the majority of worker

[examination item]

 We set four 20 examination items in conjunction with basic requirements mentioned above and mark


 The prefecture authorizes after the examination based on the score situation of examination item in council for Kumamoto labor (validity three years)


Support to authorized office

 ① Authorized company is made known to everyone by various mediums such as guidebook for student, protectors, making and homepage, newspaper of office introduction VTR

 ② Holding of information exchange society with joint PR event of blight company, school vocational counseling teacher


Approach for the spread, expansion of blight company

 ① Holding of treatment improvement seminar for offices toward blight company

 ② Holding of seminar for further treatment improvement for manager of blight company, people in charge of personnel affairs

 ③ Making of treatment improvement model casebook according to type of industry 


Voice of authorized office

 ① Job applicants increased after the authorization!
 ② It led to PR of company! to


Homepage for exclusive use of blight company

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