About "network made with Yatsushiro area forest"

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About establishment of "network made with Yatsushiro area forest"

1 establishment purpose

We mowed re-afforestation and bottom after frith until now, and, in Yatsushiro area, lack of aging and young plant of equal no afforestation leading figure had been concerned about, but lack of young plant became the real question this spring at last.

Therefore, more than interest, information sharing and exchange of opinions by the person concerned thought so that, in addition, premeditated felling and re-afforestation, the labor distribution with these and adjustment of young plant strengthened leading figure measures in Tsutomu Hayashi section that necessary and established "the making of Yatsushiro area forest network" targeting at administration, forestry owners' association, authorization business entity, young plant producer, corporation, individuals who, in addition, were interested in the forest, forestry on August 27.


2 activity contents

(1)     Information sharing of felling and re-afforestation

(2)     Various business and briefing session of system

(3)     Skull session (young plant production, the use thinning, way network maintenance)

(4)     Leading figure measures (interchange of young leading figure, mokuiku such as children, the forest classroom)

(5)     Exchange of opinions for problem solution


3 systems establish the secretariat in Southern Kumamoto Administrative Headquarters Tsutomu Hayashi section for the time being (chairpersons do not put).


Fee does not take 4 expenses for the time being. When expense is needed, we consider for each activity contents.


Activity summary of day of 5 briefing sessions

We participated in held Yatsushiro area forestry study, spread communication young plant workshop hosted by meeting and learned about Shaka in that was the master of local cedar pivot kind for production engineering and eight generations of young plant and we were divided into three groups in participants and exchanged opinions afterwards on the same day.

By exchange of opinions, we could not sell Shaka inn as materials from Yatsushiro, or problem, leading figure aged, and what happened to securing of seed tree three years later, or it became easy to do the labor placement if we shared information, and various opinions including need were provided by uneasiness, common drawing way where 10 tons of cars entered as people whom way which it was easy to use if it was possible for the making of way together formed on by overhead wire which it was possible for decreased by young plant production.

Which is interested, please contact Tsutomu Hayashi section in future as we want to coordinate for problem solution to local forest, forestry for the time being in Tsutomu Hayashi section for eight generations.

              State of young plant workshop              State of discussion meeting



2 activity reports

1 2018 activity report

We report activity of "network made with Yatsushiro area forest" at any time.


Activity support to workshop about NO.1 young plant production






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