Notice About offer of disaster contribution for Notre Dame sanctuary fire damage

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Offer of disaster contribution for Notre Dame sanctuary fire damage


      About offer of disaster contribution to Notre Dame sanctuary fire damage

       In Paris, France, damage that a part of Notre Dame sanctuary is destroyed by fire by fire that occurred on the evening of April 15 (local time) appears.

 Kumamoto and France conclude "memorandum about promotion of International Tourist interchange" with tourism development mechanism in France including KUMAMON having been appointed in 2017 by "French sightseeing goodwill ambassador" in January, 2019. In addition, we conclude agreement for the purpose of interchange in Kumamoto-shi, Sagara-mura and are country where we hold "the sixth Japan and France local government interchange meeting" where French 17 city participated in in Kumamoto-shi in October, 2018 and built implications.

 Therefore, it is one of the French symbols, and, for this fire damage, contribution recruits good will of citizens of Kumamoto praying for revival that is early in moment of Notre Dame sanctuary which is world's cultural heritage for the purpose of telling as follows in Kumamoto international association. It is occasion feeling small of expenditure march of events, but we take consideration into purpose and would like heartily to cooperate.

1 donation name KUMAMON Notre Dame sanctuary revival support donation
From Tuesday, April 23, 2019 to Tuesday, July 23 between the second
3 purpose planned contribution which gathered makes use for this disaster revival.
The amount of 4 donations    Option
5 donation methods
(1) Transfer fee becomes free when we transfer at The headquarters and branches window of Higo Bank within period of description of bank transfer * top 2.
  * Account number Higo Bank prefectural government office Branch normal 1659858
  ○Account name   KUMAMON Notre Dame sanctuary revival support donation (kumamonnotorudamudaiseidofukkouoembokin)

         Association of Kumamoto international (bear does not melt whether today when we release)

         Secretary general (jimukyokucho) wave village Tamon storage wall (we receive)
(2) Money sent by registered mail
(3) Direct bringing
(4) Collecting box    

 (collecting box setting place) ※We accept during opening time of each facility 

  Kumamoto prefectural government office (the first floor of the main building reception desk, the first floor of the new building passport window), each Kumamoto-shi government office ward office, Kumamoto-shi international exchange hall, KUMAMON square, each the prefecture Regional Promotion Bureau

  The prefecture world's cultural heritage registration area (* 1)

  *1 setting place (about the following facility, we are going to install from Friday, April 26)

   Mada well station, Mada coal mine building, whole fault product building (Arao-shi)

   Triangle west port Murr dollar house (Uki-shi)

   﨑tsushuraku guidance center, all 﨑tsushiryokan and oku (Amakusa-shi)

 (5) The Internet donation (Yahoo! net donation "KUMAMON Notre Dame sanctuary revival support donation")

  ○From conduct period Monday, May 13, 2019 to Tuesday, July 23

  ○We would like from Yahoo! net donation of donation method next.

        Yahoo! net donation URL → https://donation.yahoo.co.jp/detail/5063002/
6 and others 
   This contribution is not object of legal "deduction for contributions".
7 references   

  The association of Kumamoto international secretariat

  6-18-1, Suizenji, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto-shi international inside of a section (Phone: 096-333-2158)

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