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Numbers game 3 & numbers game 4

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☆Earnings of public lottery released in *kumahonkennai are income of Kumamoto, and it is conjugated by public works projects of the prefecture ☆*



Chance when choosing consults number of three or four on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, Thursday and Friday five times a week

32    (theoretical value)

  • High probability to hit is characteristic
  • As for the election amount of money, numbers game 3 is an average of approximately 96,000 yen
  • Numbers game 4 has results of an average of approximately 986,000 yen (2002)
  • It is numbers game 3, one share of each numbers game 4 200 yen


There is "numbers game 4" to propose "numbers game 3" and number of 4 figures to propose number of 3 figures to to.
There are all some application types including "straight" and "box", and election probability and election amounts of money are different depending on type.



Designation (until lottery day of ten times of points) on lottery day prepares done challenge card for sales floor.



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Department of General Affairs Finance Division
Telephone: 096-333-2082
Fax: 096-382-7815
Email zaisei@pref.kumamoto.lg.jp
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