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Kumamoto public lottery information

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Department of General Affairs Finance Division TEL: 096-333-2082 FAX: 096-382-7815 Email zaisei@pref.kumamoto.lg.jp



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   Public lottery is Kumamoto!





Why is it the state of things wanting you to buy in the prefecture?

It is because earnings of public lottery sold in Kumamoto are income of Kumamoto.
Such a money is spent for road and bridge, school, public works project of the prefecture including maintenance of park.
It is helpful very much for rich life of all.

 News of public lottery

◆ Please be careful about notice of public lottery election email and realization guidance emails of money of election that assumed Mizuho Bank!

  Posing as Mizuho Bank, information that email to show around is sent to realization of money of notice of election email and election of public lottery is sent.

  There is no that we notify by email for lottery winner entirely from Mizuho Bank.

  When suspicious email arrives, you access link easily, and please delete without opening up attached file. We access link

 If you do and open up attached file, please be careful not to input personal information and bank account number, various passwords.


◆ About use of premium of public lottery






Sales floor of public lottery is this place → Public lottery official site With new window(external link)

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Department of General Affairs Finance Division
Telephone: 096-333-2082
Fax: 096-382-7815
Email zaisei@pref.kumamoto.lg.jp
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