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Kumamoto business index (coincident indicator became 16.7%)

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                                  About economy standard date (the 15th circulation) (August 2, 2016 setting)

                                    •  In Kumamoto, we set economy standard date (mountain, valley of economy) that is central turning point of main economic indicators for comparisons of economic activities in situation judgment of business cycle and each circulation.
                                       About mountain, valley of economy of the 15th circulation, we set mountain, October, 2012 of economy with cyclical trough in February, 2012 and added the new economic recession period to graph. (reference Kumamoto economy standard date (PDF))
                                       Than national (the 15th circulation), mountain, valley of economy become earlier together for one month. Expansion period is short for one month, and retreat period becomes short in the whole circulation by the same length for one month.
                                       In addition, we performed review of index of each system this time. (reference the old and the new contrast list (PDF))
  • PDF Kumamoto economy standard date With new window(PDF: 58.7 kilobytes)
  • PDF Old and new contrast list With new window(PDF: 105.1 kilobytes)
  •  With this, we make business index by index after review from for May, 2016.
  •  Business index (for July, 2018) (PDF: 1.66 megabytes) We open with the other window


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