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About city park under prefectural management

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There are six places of city parks which Kumamoto manages. City park which City Planning Division has jurisdiction over soon is next three places.

1 Minamata wide area Park

Minamata wide area Park was maintained as park which anyone such as person with a disability or elderly person gathered under the theme of "environment" and "health" together as the ground of proposal of global environment problem on land where it was developed land for inning to confine mercury which precipitated in the bottom of the Gulf of Minamata, and could rest. We are formed in "zone of mountain" "zone of village" "zone of town" "zone of the sea" and four zones, and this park is utilized as eco-park Minamata of total area 41.8ha.

 RosaryAthletics fieldHydrophilic building a breakwater

2 Kumamoto techno center green tracts of land

Kumamoto techno center green tract of land is green tract of land that was almost maintained in the center of Kumamoto techno research park as part of "techno polis design" of Kumamoto. There is this green tract of land in open spaces where we set water garden and lawn. In addition, it is used for rare European garden-style scenery as space of ease and rest in the prefecture by techno person of research park duty and not only local resident but also many citizens of the prefecture.
Techno whole viewTechno, fountainTechno

Mt. 3 Honmyo-ji Temple green tract of land Park

Mt. Honmyo-ji Temple green tract of land is park which can take a walk through around summit of Mt. Honmyo-ji Temple located the Kumamoto-shi west naturally. The whole park is covered in broad leaf forest such as Machilus thunbergii, Quercus gilva, co-Japanese oak, sawtooth oak, and forest bathing or wild bird, insect observation are nature and green tract of land parks where they can touch casually while being distance called a radius of 5km range from the Kumamoto-shi downtown area.
Mt. Honmyo-ji Temple 01Mt. Honmyo-ji Temple 02Mt. Honmyo-ji Temple 03

4 and others

In addition, there is "ten thousand day mountain green tract of land park" which "Yatsushiro exercise park managed by Kumamoto" and Regional Development Division have jurisdiction over "citizens of Kumamoto general exercise park" which Physical Health Education Division has jurisdiction over as city park under prefectural management.

※A part of the citizens of Kumamoto general exercise park leases national land gratis. 

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