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Crisis of raccoon habitation area expansion approaches Kumamoto!

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About habitation confirmation information of 1 raccoon (specific foreign uncooked food)

 In January 16, 2018, Route 501 street of Nishi-ku, Kumamoto-shi Nishimatsu Omachi, we were confirmed when one raccoon (the prefecture 21st case) which was specific foreign uncooked food died. Capture (including collection of death individual) of raccoon in Kumamoto becomes the twelfth of them (one Kumamoto-shi, Arao-shi one, Tamana-shi three, Yamaga-shi two, Uki-shi two, Oguni-machi one, Takamori-machi one, Yamato-cho one).


The current situation of 2 raccoon damage                                                            

Watermelon Raccoon
 Raccoon is appointed to identification outpatient department creature by "law about prevention of damage to affect ecosystem with specific foreign uncooked food" and in late years enlarges nationwide habitation area rapidly.
 In addition, commencing with influence on ecosystem including predation of rare wild animal, outbreak and rabies of agriculture damage, raccoon roundworm might transmit infectious disease, and, as for the damage, it is serious problem.

The distribution situation in 3 Kyushu

 In Kyushu, habitation is confirmed in all prefectures except Okinawa, and, in Fukuoka, Oita that are next to Kumamoto, habitation level increases.

The distribution situation in 4 Kumamoto

Kumamoto raccoon distribution map (as of January, 2018)  
 In Kumamoto, habitation of raccoon is confirmed in Kumamoto-shi, Arao-shi, Tamana-shi, Yamaga-shi, Kikuchi-shi, Uki-shi, Oguni-machi, Aso-gun, Takamori-machi, Mifune-machi, Kamimashiki-gun, Yamato-cho.
 From this, habitation level may increase to other areas of the prefecture, and severe caution is necessary.

When 5 raccoons invade, what happens?

 When raccoon invades once, we increase population rapidly, and it is felt uneasy about by the strong propagative power that we cause agriculture and serious damage to ecosystem. We discover early so that such a situation does not have, and it is necessary to take measures such as capture.

Why don't you discover 6 raccoons?

 Please offer "still image" (photograph) and "video" using taking picture of digital camera or cell-phone function. (we do not mind even traces such as footprints.)
 In addition, please provide place, the date and time, characteristic, the situation that you discovered in addition.
 In addition, there was not misconception with convention animal or, on reporting, has you were equal with characteristic of raccoon or confirm (sima sima and footprint of tail are the biggest characteristics.) calmly once again, and I would like notification to engine of the nearest municipalities or prefecture.
 Characteristic of raccoon

7 raccoon common knowledge flyers


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