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※We changed name of "Kumamoto for free Wi-Fi" to "Kumamoto-free Wi-Fi".

 (we unify Japanese, English, how to read SSID and assume more plain name.)

 (please just use sticker which has been already distributed.)

※We extended connect time per once of "Kumamoto-free Wi-Fi" (NTTBP method) for three hours from one hour (November 30, 2016 ~).


In this prefecture, free public wireless LAN service "Kumamoto-free Wi-Fi" is available.

With "Kumamoto-free Wi-Fi"

Kumamoto-free Wi-Fi logo
Public wireless LAN to be usable in anyone free!
 "Kumamoto-free Wi-Fi" is public wireless LAN service that even anyone who primarily aimed at enhancement of communication means at the time of dispatch power reinforcement, megathon and disasters such as convenience improvement such as visitors from home and abroad, sightseeing, traffic information is for free, and is available.
 Each facility cooperates with prefecture and cooperates and, as part of base maintenance of local computerization, maintains wireless LAN environment in main traffic base or public facilities of the prefecture, and each facility provides wireless LAN service for user widely.
 Earmark is logo using KUMAMON and is public wireless LAN that it is easy to use by network name (SSID called kumamoto-free-wifi) that we commonized clearly.


Aim of environmental maintenance
  • Visitor from foreign countries can be easily connected with smartphone or tablet in Internet connection that is not appreciated in particular in domestic communication environment.
  • Through the Internet, we can perform acquisition, information exchange of sightseeing information and traffic information easily.

We give service and spot

Service offer spots of "Kumamoto-free Wi-Fi" are as follows.


About the use

Service contents

  • This service is offered as service for users of facility. Please look after rule, manner when you use facility in the use.
  • By this service, we can be connected to the Internet using wireless LAN connection functions such as smartphone, tablet, PC which user possesses.
  • SSID (※) when we use this service is "kumamoto-free-wifi". ※ Mark which distinguishes access point of wireless LAN
  • Use charges of this service are free. But paid service in the Internet burdens user.
  • By this service, we do not encrypt for improvement of convenience. Please perform security measures of apparatus using this service in user.


"Kumamoto-free Wi-Fi" is available in the next procedure.

  1. We open the Wi-Fi establishment with smartphone, tablet and choose kumamoto-free-wifi in network (SSID)
  2. We start browser
  3. We are connected to the Internet when we register with registration screen
      • When we use for the first time, we register. Only the first time needs registration every method.
      • It is available without registration after the second by choosing kumamoto-free-wifi in network (SSID) of Wi-Fi.

Use method

By this service, either method is available in two kinds of next every facility.

(1) NTT BP method

  • By NTT BP method, we use wireless LAN access point which NTT BroadbandPlatform, Inc (it is said as follows with "NTT BP") provides.
  • Registration of e-mail address is necessary to use.
  • Connection is cut every three hours. But the daily use number of times does not have limit.
  • Registration of e-mail address is available without re-registration in valid for one year for one year.
  • In the use, agreement to Terms of Use which NTT BP establishes to these terms is necessary.
  • Terms of Use which NTT BP establishes are displayed by screen at the time of connection.

  ※We extended connect time per once of "Kumamoto-free Wi-Fi" (NTTBP method) for three hours from one hour (November 30, 2016 ~).


(2) FREESPOT method

  • By FREESPOT method, we use wireless LAN access point which FREESPOT meeting sets forth.
  • URL in email to receive is to open, and we input password in email to receive e-mail address after the registration to use or it is necessary to complete registration (it is said with "email certification method" as follows). In addition, it becomes the use only for ten minutes when we do not register e-mail address (it is said with "guest method" as follows).
  • Registration by email certification method is available without re-registration in valid for half a year for half a year.
  • It becomes the use every three hours by guest method.
  • In the use, agreement to Terms of Use which FREESPOT meeting establishes to these terms is necessary.
  • Terms of Use which FREESPOT meeting determines are displayed by screen at the time of user's registration.

Use guide

For more information about usage, user's registration, please refer to the next use guide. Japanese, the back become English use guide table when we perform duplex printing.

Terms of Use

You agree to the next Terms of Use, and please use one where service (it is said with "this service" as follows) of "Kumamoto-free Wi-Fi" is used. 


About setting

Setting terms

 We establish facility setting up "Kumamoto-free Wi-Fi" based on the next setting terms and provide this service. 

Recruitment of setting facilities

 We have you approve of purpose of "Kumamoto-free Wi-Fi" and raise setting application from public facilities, transportation facility, tourist facility which can cooperate with setting expansion of "Kumamoto-free Wi-Fi".

(1) Application

  • On setting of "Kumamoto-free Wi-Fi", please submit setting application based on setting terms to reference.

(2) In setting

  • As for wireless LAN apparatus, the Internet line, I would like burden, setting in each facility.
  • Please refer to setting terms for wireless LAN method, apparatus in "Kumamoto-free Wi-Fi".

(3) Offer of sticker, publication to "Kumamoto-free Wi-Fi" homepage

  • We offer stickers of logo using KUMAMON to setting facility. (for notice in facility)
  • In prefecture, we are going to perform information dispatch for home and abroad such as map indication of setting facility, link indication through puff let and homepage.

Setting cooperation company
  • Managers of facility register consultation (method, expense, setting point) of maintenance or setting of apparatus with local company with offer of "Kumamoto-free Wi-Fi" setting cooperation company on installing "Kumamoto-free Wi-Fi" to ask easily.
  • For more information about setting cooperation company, please refer With new windowto "Kumamoto-free Wi-Fi" setting cooperation company.

 We carry out "Kumamoto-free Wi-Fi" maintenance business
  • Because tourists plan securing of stable communication environment for intelligence at the time of disaster in prefecture, for the purpose of support of maintenance of facility which tourists use, traffic base and Kumamoto for free public wireless LAN "Kumamoto-free Wi-Fi" in means of transportation, we carry out assistance business.
  • For more information about "Kumamoto-free Wi-Fi" maintenance business, conduct shimasuoWe open with the other window, please refer to "Kumamoto-free Wi-Fi" maintenance business

Contact information

Kumamoto Department of Planning and Development transport policy, Information Board information Planning Division

  • "Kumamoto-free Wi-Fi" charge
  • 〒862-8570 6-18-1, Suizenji, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto-shi
  • Tel: 096-333-2144
  • E-mail: jouhoukikaku@pref.kumamoto.lg.jp
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