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  Please consult with ... mind light car about every annoyance, trouble.
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 Consultation telephone to the police to "# 9110" 
 Hang consultation telephone (in the case of the Kumamoto Police) from dial line in 096-383-9110. 

How to use of "# 9110" 

  • Domestic telephone
  • Public telephone
  • Cell-phone, PHS

  It leads to the police security consultation counter of each metropolis and districts if we push nadokara, # 9110 (common nationwide).
  ※ # 9110 is not available from telephone of dial line.


About the police security consultation counter

 In the police,

  • Thing about crime prevention and traffic
  • Thing about gangs
  • Thing about domestic violence and delinquency of child
  • Stoker, thing about DV
  • Thing about case and accident
  • Thing about permission administration of guns

 Of people feeling nado, trouble and uneasiness provide consultation.

  • Immediate descent at window of the police
  • Consultation over telephone

Either is fine of this. Please feel free to contact. 


※ Please use police station of neighborhood.
   Various consultation phone numbers          Police station phone numberWith new window


  We accept consultation by email.

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6-18-1, Suizenji, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto-shi
Telephone: 096-381-0110
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