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Kind of malicious business method

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Vicious supplier aims at you using various tricks. It is important to decline clearly without contracting easily.


Malicious business method name

  Trick this and that

The qualification (person) commercial law

The commercial law to cheat tuition in name by the acquisition of various qualifications

Appointment sales
(the summons commercial law)

The commercial law to let you hide intention of product sale with telephone and postcard and call to cafe and office of company and do purchasing contract such as products

Multi-(chain reaction sale)
Multi-; counterfeit; the commercial law

The commercial law that high re-be to is got when we invite new member while selling product and multiplies member like a chain reaction, and to do income

The hypnosis (SF) commercial law

The commercial law that we gather housewives in venue and keep merely selling daily necessities at price of dozen and we are dressed in large amount of product when it was to be cheap and palm off on a kind of state of hypnosis

Confidence game

At street or station square with much pedestrian traffic, it is the commercial law to pretend, and to hail, and to be in cafes, and to be crowded, and to sell products for questionnaire

Send; the commercial law
(negative option)

The commercial law to consider that we bought if we send product which we do not order without permission, and the person does not decline, and to request the price one-sidedly

Falsely represented business

The commercial law to talk about social position of public institution, and to sell product

See inspiration, the soul; the commercial law

The commercial law to say "ancestral ghost" or "fate of family", and to fan uneasiness about after death and the future of person, and to take advantage of it, and to palm off seal or pot on at unreasonable price

The dangerous commercial law

The commercial law to let you tell that which "tile loosens" is "ventilation fan becomes old and in this situation becomes fire." and danger and wake up jitters, and to do, and to palm off product on

The sample construction commercial law

The commercial law to contract construction using privileges of construction price

The home party commercial law

The commercial law to hold dishes classes, and to sell pans made in foreign country

Fraudulent business practices trying to sell training and supplies

The commercial law to let it recruits applicants of side job and pay class charges

The welfare commercial law

The commercial law to sing welfare purpose, and to be able to dodge product

The Who's Who commercial law

The commercial law to cheat money in names such as Who's Who deregistration charges

The wilderness commercial law

The commercial law to palm off invitation, land of next to nothing on free hot spring trips at unreasonable price

Futures trading

The commercial law to invite in futures trading of overseas product market, and to cheat money

The investment advisor commercial law

The commercial law to fan "we hand over blue chip cheaply" and moneymaking will of general investors, and to invite persuasively, and to cheat out of money

The introduction shop commercial law

The commercial law that which "financing, visit are not necessary to ○○ ten thousand Japanese yen immediately" calls visitor together by decoy advertisement as if financing is easily received in sports newspapers and cheats out of introduction charges and registration fee

The qualification second damage commercial law

For primary victim who purchases various qualification teaching materials, and was damaged, it is "relief system of country is enacted, and you were chosen" and the commercial law to say, and to cheat out of money in names such as registration fee on the telephone 

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