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In the radicals hiding place discovery cooperation

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  •  "Terrorism, guerrilla" of the radicals case is caused by non-open activist.

These non-open activists are usually apartment and apartments which the radicals organization borrowed using false names posing as citizen

We pretend that we live a normal life and perform various illegal acts such as production of explosive.

 In the police of the control of illegal act, the search for a wanted man suspect and non-open activist including these "terrorism, guerrillas" case

We try for discovery, arrest, disclosure of non-open hiding place, but reporting of inhabitants becomes key of early detection.


 In neighborhood

  • On comings and goings of room, we are abnormally cautious of people
  • We go in and out in early morning and the middle of the night not to be assigned to the public eye
  • We close curtain and prevent you from being able to see the room even in the daytime
  • We smell of metallic sound or medicine at midnight

If we may think that it is nado, saying "strange dana is funny" questioningly,

  • The 110th
  • Nearest police station, police box, residential police boxes

I would like heno report.




 We accept information by email. (kenkei mailbox)                                                                                              

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