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Q&A about musical band

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Q. How many people does member of musical band play in?

A. We organize the Kumamoto Police musical band with 27 less than captain (as of May, 2019). 

 We perform performance in 25 people who are lower than master of court music (leader). 

 The number of people every musical instrument,

  • Two flutes
  • One oboe (color guard)
  • Three clarinets
  • Three saxophones
  • Two trumpets
  • Three horns (including one color guard)
  • Three trombones (including one color guard)
  • yufoniamu one
  • One tuba
  • Five percussions (including one color guard)

We do in this.


Q. What should I do to become member of musical band?

A. At first we take an entrance examination for police personnel employment examination (police officer, police administration, the police office work), and it is necessary to become police personnel to become member of musical band.

 After passing employment examination, and having become police personnel, we receive culture necessary for duties in Kumamoto police academy. After culture period, we will work at police stations.
 Based on hope of the person, we judge appropriateness and are appointed as member of musical band afterwards.

 We perform performance activity as additional post of the police duties as daily police personnel.


 The staff employment examination (member of police officer, general office work)


 The first designation culture (entering ※ period varies according to courses in Kumamoto police academy)


 We assign to police stations

   ↓After the duty experience

 We appoint as member of musical band (additional post)



Q. Want what to become color guard; come over, and do do?

A. It is necessary to pass Administrative Staff employment examination of color guard to become color guard.

 Employment examination examines composition, interview, practical skill (musical instrument performance, marching basics movement).

 Musical instrument performance of practical examination is examination of basic movement that performance of any music of 1-2 minutes, marching basics movement are necessary for marching.


Q. What should I do to propose dispatch performance to musical band?

A. Musical band plays as part of publicity work of the police to plan harmony of all of you and the police of citizen of the prefecture and performs activity as citizens of the prefecture and "bridge of sound" binding the police together. As it press-agents news or request from the police in the middle of performance, it is necessary that there is performance activity along purpose of these police public information.

 At first please consult with the police headquarters public information citizen of the prefecture section (public relations officer) or the jurisdiction police station General Administration Division (person in charge) of event holding place about dispatch application.


 For performance of musical band,

○ In the case of stage performance

  10 meters in width X 7 meters in depth

○ In the case of drill performance

  *30 meter of 30 meters

○ In the case of color guard performance

  10 meters in width X 5 meters in depth

Space is necessary of this.

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