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 Welcome to homepage of the Kumamoto Police

 About 3,500 police personnel is registered, and the Kumamoto Police develop police station of the police headquarters and the prefecture 23, activity to protect security and relief of living of again based in local police box, police box.
 In late years the police continue decreasing the number of crimes that they recognized and the number of traffic accident of outbreak, and the peace and order improve surely. However, when we see individually,
  ○ Case that need to secure person personal security such as DV, stoker immediately is accepted
  ○ Fraud case including wire fraud
  ○ Ratio that elderly person occupies among traffic death
We change at standard that nadoga is still high in, and cybercrime is exposed to menaces in the new peace and order.
 In addition, because way is in the middle, the police activity that snuggled up to victim needs restoration, revival from 2016 Kumamoto earthquake, and the preparation to disaster such as storm and flood damage caused by volcanic activity, typhoon of Mount Aso is necessary, too.
 In the Kumamoto Police, the staff hits the criminal prevention and arrest, duty such as restraint of traffic accident under the administration policy called "realization ... of Kumamoto who can live on the strong police - security in response to expectation and trust of citizen of the prefecture in peace" in solidarity regardless of the night and day to deal with such situation.
 However, the good peace and order of Kumamoto are not realized only by effort of police personnel. Rather, also, each about 1.77 million citizens of the prefecture, it is important to thing such as locking of house and key credit of bicycle crime prevention patrol by Neighborhood Councils, calling to boy from the start to have thing such as observance of a contract of duty as company such as gang exclusion wrestle.
 On this homepage, they introduce activity and the crime situation of the prefectural police, and search of lost article, information to be useful for living of information about driver's license update, information for aiming at police personnel more place. He/she has you look at these and will hope that we have understanding, cooperation for activity of the prefectural police from now on.


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