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"Amakusa Champon marathon" goal! <<370 (at February 28) 3,453km >>

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Sea X Oh! Western Champon


It is vertical section in Japan with Champon noodles? "Amakusa Champon marathon" start!

Champon marathon logo


With Amakusa Champon marathon?

 Amakusa Champon is one of "the Japan's three biggest Champon" along with Nagasaki Champon, Kohama Champon!

 Unprecedented challenge that sends Champon culture that rooted in agar-agar so as to be allowed to right call "islanders food" for the whole country. That is "Amakusa Champon marathon"!


It is vertical section in Japan at the length of the Champon noodles which we can eat in shop of Amakusa all of the islands!



 ○The length of the Champon noodles
  Champon noodles which are used for one cup of Champon,
      Make length; and about 20 meters.
  "Amakusa Champon marathon" was ordered at each store
      We add up the length of the Champon noodles and aim at vertical section in Japan!

 ○Champon offer store

  In Amakusa all of the islands, it is Champon offer store 105 stores

    (※ Amakusa, Kumamoto Regional Administrative Headquarters investigation) exist.

  About 90 stores which got permission of publication in that,

     We made "guide 2016 pop perfect Amakusa"!
  We eat Amakusa Champon to one hand in perfect guides,

      Let's achieve vertical section in Japan together! 


Full picture of course

Amakusa Champon marathon course
Of Champon which start from Amakusa, and becomes "local Champon notification meeting of the whole country" member "local"; over 14 it is all-out in course of 3,453 kilometers of distance!
<the Kyushu district>           <the Kanto district>
 Kumamoto ... Amakusa, Minamata      Tochigi ... Takanezawa
 Saga ... Takeo, Karatsu     <the Kansai district>
 Nagasaki ... Kohama, Hirato      Hyogo ... Amagasaki
 Fukuoka ... Tobata, Kurume     Shiga ... Oomi
 Oita ... Hita        <Hokkaido region>
<the Shikoku district>            Hokkaido ... Abashiri
 Ehime ... Yawatahama
<the Chugoku district>
 Tottori ... Tottori

We arrive in Abashiri of goal!

  It is the 370th day from start! We achieved vertical section in Japan at last! 3,453 kilometers of distance!
  Thank you, all of you who had you support!

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