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[citizen of the prefecture-limited] Marine taxi reservations! goshorakaishisaishu cruising 

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goshora cruising


shimagoshorakaishisaishu cruising of dinosaur

 Is chosen in "100 selections of geological features of Japan", and special Cruise whom there are discovery place circulation and fossil collection of dinosaur fossil with guide in "island of dinosaur" producing a lot of fossils of the Cretaceous Goshoramachi, Amakusa-shi begins this year!

 For new coronavirus infectious disease extended prevention, we assume object [citizens of Kumamoto-limited] and carry out by marine taxi reservations this year (only 1 group goes on board. Capacity two - ten).

 Please participate in summer memory with family and friend.


goshora cruisingWall of the Cretaceous
                 It is chartered by marine taxi in 1 group!               We collect fossil in quarry ruins fossil collection ground which can go only by ship!


On the date

 We have days from Saturday, August 1, 2020 (Raiwa 2) to Sunday, August 31
 Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays from Tuesday, September 1, 2020 (Raiwa 2) to Sunday, September 27
 From half past 9 a.m. around two hours (as for the meeting 9:15)


 It becomes simple participation rate and further discounts rate toward the participant staying at inns of goshoraryokangyokumigoka* the day before or on that day.
[the public] Adult 2,500 yen child (4 years old ... primary schoolchild) 1,500 yen
[accommodation] Adult 1,500 yen child (4 years old ... primary schoolchild) 1,000 yen
 ※In the case of accommodation, up to 5,000 yen per night is supported in more bear nights by facility targeted for marou campaign per person. It requires reservation by August 2.
  For more details, please search by "more bear night marou campaigns". (https://kumamoto.guide/kumamoto-cpn2020/


Reservation method

 It requires reservation than application form in this fossil collection cruising site in Takarajima, Amakusa Sightseeing Association homepage.
 Reservation application until five days before participation day to hope for is necessary.

Course of cruising ※Concerning weather and ebb and flow, we may change.

 We leave goshorako
  We gather in goshorabutsusankan shiosai hall and join guide!
 Bentenjima (footprint discovery place of the Kyushu's first carnivorous dinosaur)
 Kyoto stay (discovery place of dinosaur fossil of goshorasho)
 Quarry ruins ※At the time of ebb tide the fossil shore (the outside flat shore)
  Fossil collection experience! We look for fossil 100 million years ago with guide!
 Wall of the Cretaceous
  Discovery place of tooth fossil of carnivorous dinosaur of Japanese best category! State that strata 100 million years ago pile up to several folds is the best part!
 It arrives at goshorako
  After the cruising in exchange for questionnaire of present is cold, and take a short break with (mini-ice-cream cones)!
  After the break, please enjoy plan exhibition "dinosaur" relaxedly at Imperial Palace Aki Urashiro museum which can enter free.

Here is point!

It surrounds discovery place of dinosaur fossil which can go only by point 1 ship!

Point 2 guide comments on the way of history and fossil collection of goshora clearly!
We can take fossil which we found point 3 home! (particularly important fossil is excluded.)
In addition to "canned teranokun batch" of point 4 usual favorable reception, we present mini-ice-cream cone, chipped ice or drink in exchange for questionnaire answer!
Point 5 cruising participant can enter Imperial Palace Aki Urashiro museum free!
      ※At Imperial Palace Aki Urashiro museum, we hold plan exhibition "dinosaur" until from 1 to 31 on August.
       It is display with cranial bones such as tyrannosaurus or triceratops, whole body frame of professional tapir fatty tuna Saul's, about 200 points including tooth and bone of dinosaur.

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