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We raise Kumamoto health promotion support shops

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Amakusa Area Administrative Headquarters (Amakusa Area Promotion Bureau) 
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We raise Kumamoto health promotion support shops in 2019 (Reiwa 1)

 "Kumamoto health promotion support shop" is nourishment ingredient indication and approach to have it is healthy and perform offer of menu which you considered in restaurant or lunch, side dish shop so that citizens of the prefecture can send the healthy eating habits. In Amakusa area, 58 stores participate at the end of 2018 (the end of 2018).

 Specialized dietician helps with nourishment calculation or the making of menu.

 Does your shop not participate, too?

 Information of Kumamoto health promotion support shop participation store is thisWe open with the other window

Offer period

 From July 1, 2019 (Reiwa 1) to October 31, 2019 (Reiwa 1)


Offer store

(1) Restaurant in Kumamoto, lunch, side dish shop, product building, general merchandising store, department store, supermarket

(2) Restaurants such as company, university, hospital in Kumamoto


Contents of approach

 From the next approach, please carry out with a choice of higher than one to hope and the fact of shop.

(1) Nourishment ingredient indication (we display total amount of energies)

(2) Meal balance guide indication (indication using balance guide)

(3) Offer (quantity of vegetables per 1 menu 120 g or more) of vegetables forest forest menu

(4) Correspondence (we can choose hardness and quantity of rice and noodles bite-sized cuts) to healthy order

(5) Local production for local consumption (use of Kumamoto article for sale ingredients)

(6) Promotion (non-smoking in facility) of smoking cessation

 We can challenge the next approach with the above more in addition.

(1) Offer (menu that less than 600kcal stand out in total energy per one meal with salt substantial amount less than 3.0 g) of blue circle menu

(2) Offer (menu which we got of nourishment balance that utilized "meal balance guide") of balance menu

(3) Offer (menu with salt substantial amount per one meal less than 3.0 g) of Kumamoto low salt dainty food menu


Application method

 Please submit "Kumamoto health promotion support shop-designated application desired" to Amakusa public health center by bringing or mail.

※ Please refer to public health center of the jurisdiction for other than Amakusa public health center jurisdiction (except Kumamoto-shi).

 Please refer to Kumamoto Department of Health and Social Services Total Health Promotion Division for one of Kumamoto-shi.

(1) After store and meeting that had you submit application, we dispatch specialized dietician and perform preparations for approach that each store hopes for (nourishment calculation and the making of menu).

(2) After making documents necessary for approach, we submit "Kumamoto health promotion support shop written application for designation" to Amakusa public health center.

(3) We are examined in "Kumamoto Hel sea eating out promotion liaison conference", and store which met standard is appointed in "Kumamoto health promotion support shop".

 In appointed store

 We issue designated mark of "Kumamoto health promotion support shop" and upbound flag.

 In addition, we publicize shop using homepage or guidebook of Kumamoto.


※ Please call to Amakusa public health center Health Prevention Section (0969-23-0172) casually if you have any questions.

  Person in charge explains in detail.

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