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World's cultural heritage "﨑tsushuraku of Amakusa" completion to go on a trip by "﨑tsushuraku of Amakusa" PR video sound

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  World's cultural heritage "﨑tsushuraku of Amakusa" completion to go on a trip by "﨑tsushuraku of Amakusa" PR video sound 


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  PR video that world's cultural heritage combined picture of "performance of friend of korejiyo" with "﨑tsushuraku of Amakusa" was completed.

  We think that life that it is not readily gone out by new coronavirus infectious disease continues now. 

  Do you not feel history and European medieval culture of Christian while being in home?


 ★★★ Video is ↓ ★★★



About contents of PR video

  * Message from "friend of korejiyo"
  * Four pieces of old musical instrument performances by "friend of korejiyo"
    ・Ave Maris Stella (and we enjoyed star of the sea)
    ・Mille Regrets (sorrow of a great variety of kinds) 

     ※It is said that we played this music in front of Hideyoshi Toyotomi in 1591 of the next year when the Tensho era trainer Ou mission returned home from Europe.
    ・Paduana Del Re (pavane of King)
    ・A Lieta Vita (the wonderful life)

  We send with commentary of Western ancient music device used in picture and performance of "﨑tsushuraku of Amakusa", state of activity of "friend of korejiyo". 



 ★★★Related video★★★

  We introduce "﨑tsushuraku of Amakusa" in detail.

  Look at this video by all means.


 ○﨑tsushurakuyokaibunkaisan - Nagasaki and hiding Christian-related inheritance - of asset (treasure) agar-agar of Kumamoto of the Amakusa district


 ○"Assets" (treasure) of Kumamoto proud to the world

  ※We record interview.



About friend of korejiyo

Friend image of korejiyo
  Group which plays music about 400 years ago using the return cause displayed Western ancient music device to Amakusa korejiyo building.
  Show performance mainly in Amakusa korejiyo building, 﨑tsukyokai chapel concert, and the Philippines
 Performance at world heritage-related event has results, too.

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