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Amakusa Area Administrative Headquarters
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List of Amakusa Area Administrative Headquarters phone number, FAX number, e-mail addresses

The last update date:
Amakusa Area Administrative Headquarters (Amakusa Area Promotion Bureau) 
TEL: 0969-22-4213 
FAX: 0969-24-2022 
Email [email protected]

Amakusa Area Administrative Headquarters
List of phone number, FAX number, e-mail addresses (as of April 1, 2016)

Section name The person in charge (group) name Phone number FAX number E-Mail address
General affairs promotion section General affairs adjustment group 0969-22-4213 0969-24-2022 [email protected]
Local promotion group 0969-22-4214
The accounting receipt and disbursement group 0969-22-4219
Taxation Division Tax collection group 0969-22-4370 0969-23-1686 [email protected]
Taxation group 0969-22-4239
General Affairs and Planning Section   Representative from health center    0969-23-0172 0969-22-0455 [email protected]
Hygiene Environment Division   [email protected]
Health Prevention Section   [email protected]
Employee services   0969-22-4241 0969-23-8377 [email protected]
Agriculture spread, promotion section Adjustment group 0969-22-4256 0969-22-5054 [email protected]
Leading figure upbringing support group 0969-22-4262
Local agriculture support group 0969-22-4264
The making of vegetables, flower production center support group 0969-22-4266
The making of fruit tree production center support group 0969-22-4274
Rural Development Division Plan management group 0969-22-4280 0969-22-4498 [email protected]
Farm village maintenance group 0969-22-4293
Farm village environment group 0969-22-4285
Tsutomu Hayashi section Tsutomu Hayashi group 0969-22-4316 0969-23-8513 [email protected]
Forest preservation group 0969-22-4359
Marine Products Section Fisheries group 0969-22-4364 0969-23-2856 [email protected]
Instruction group 0969-22-4367
Fishing port section   0969-22-4369 [email protected]
Technology Management Division   0969-22-4391 0969-23-0305 [email protected]
Site section   0969-22-4574 [email protected]
Engineering works Lesson 1 National highway group 0969-22-4609 [email protected]
Prefectural road group 0969-22-4629
Highway group 0969-22-4640
Engineering works Lesson 2 Erosion control group 0969-22-4643 [email protected]
River harbor group 0969-22-4648
Maintenance section Management group 0969-22-4672 [email protected]
Facility group 0969-22-4679
Disaster prevention group 0969-22-4682
Government building entering group Stand 0969-22-4491    
When do not recognize reference; to general affairs promotion section (0969-22-4213)
When it is emergency such as disasters, please connect with phone number (0969-22-4111) for urgent contact.


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Amakusa Area Administrative Headquarters (Amakusa Area Promotion Bureau)
Telephone: 0969-22-4213
Fax: 0969-24-2022
Email [email protected]
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