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It is ... with dream in my unique career - adverse circumstances

Episode.01 (high school days)

True "dropout" who family is poor, and cannot study

Governor Kabashima who sits down in the governor room
Governor Kabashima who sits down in the governor room
I was born in Inada-mura (current Yamaga-shi) of Kumamoto in 1947 (Showa 22). We have a family of 10 including parents, grandmother and seven brothers, and rice field to plow has only two and a half. We could not eat rice, and money was few very poor living, too.
We handed, and pigeon was "dropout" who did not do study at all if we said. We hardly took class of school and, at the age of high school, poured only through novels to like under "Ippommatsu" of mountain nearby. That's why results could not be good and were the 200th level in 220 people in high school. Family was poor and was true "dropout" who could not study.
In addition, auto sales company where we graduated from high school and found a job was "quitter" whom they resigned as in one week. Afterwards, we will retire in two years even if we come to work for local agricultural cooperative without myself, work being able to find worth doing.
I of such a dropout had three "big dreams".
It is "to ranch" "becoming novelist" with the dream "to become politician".
It will be to have said, "it is terrible dream!" if it is person knowing me at the time. But any dropout can have "dream". However, it is common that most people end dream as dream.
I was able to embark only on one step towards such a dream before. The life greatly changes whether you can step forward to this "one step". We think that we want young people in particular to know importance of courage to embark on before.

Run big dream - ranch

Governor Kabashima who sits down in the governor room
Governor Kabashima who sits down in the governor room
I believe that 5 degrees big chance hides behind in any life at least. Therefore we think that ..., "one step to embark" on greatly turns the life whether you step forward to one step.
Although we saw when we work for local agricultural cooperative, we cannot find worth doing of work.
We found advertisement of "group U.S. agriculture intern program" in such a case. We felt like being able to get closer to my dream to "want to ranch" and we did the first big decision in the life and applied. Then we studied hard and we passed examination of competition rate 4 times and would cross English every day in the longed-for United States.

Episode.02 (the visit to the United States era)

The training life to act all day

However, it was life like "serf" to have been waiting in the United States. As kept cow is creature, it is necessary to take care 365 days. As for the American whom we accepted, intention as intern thinks me to have treated as cheap worker. In the 60s, human rights awareness was low and worked in bad working conditions all day in those days.

"(as for the study) will be more comfortable than farming"

Governor Kabashima who sits down in the governor room
Governor Kabashima who sits down in the governor room
It was the 3-month subject training in Nebraska University, but, in the training life, it thought, "it will be more comfortable than farming" simply to be able to eat rice just to study.
Thing which supported hard ranch life for 2 years was letter from her that it was to wife later which began acquaintance before departure. From that time to the present that became the governor, we really thank wife.
I who survived hard hard labor in January, 1971 began the 3-month subject training in Nebraska University. We had a lot of what you must learn in limited time called three months here and did nothing but study day in and day out every day. However, study was much easier than hard labor that oneself did. We felt "is study so comfortable thing?" and came to think, "we want to study more here".
We finished the training life and we returned to Japan once, but were full of thought to say, "we want to continue studying in the United States". Including her, we had you persuaded the circumference and understand and did milk round for half a year to save the travel expenses. I go to the United States again, and it is about September, 1971 that we came back to Nebraska University.

Results of the first semester are results called oar A

Governor Kabashima who sits down in the governor room
Governor Kabashima who sits down in the governor room
At first, it was university which entered as temporary entrance to school, but study was interesting and was unbearable and tried hard hard. ; bought, and results of the first semester were able to take results called all A. Country called the United States is interesting country. He/she gives thing appropriate to that when we leave good effect. As we took all A, we were made scholarship student suddenly by temporary entrance to school, and the tuition became half price exemption, too. In addition, we came to be able to get stipend from many aspects, too, and visit to the United States life became very easy, too.
It was studenthood, but we called wife together in the United States and, on April 2, 1972, held wedding ceremony heartwarming in a small way.
We learned breeding physiology with GIMA man professor in Nebraska University. One for study is what's called "Conservation Act of sperm of pig". We learned in Nebraska University for four years.

Become big dream - politician

Governor Kabashima who sits down in the governor room
Governor Kabashima who sits down in the governor room
When graduation approached, was dream; think, "want to study in political science", and "first-class, want to study political science in famous Harvard University if do it". We have begun to think about such a reckless thing.
It is the following thing to have written in application of Harvard graduate school.

"We have not taken political course in department"
As "we get married, and there is child two, scholarship is essential"
"Parent plows two rice fields half (about 0.5 acres) in tenants, and there is no property"

Though it does not make a specialty of, and there is not power of parent, I want scholarship. Generosity of country called the United States and strong letter of recommendation including GIMA man professor contributed to the fact that such selfish students were able to pass Harvard. We learned political science while working as parttimers such as tourist guides in Harvard University and were able to complete graduate school at the speed called three years nine months.
Ten years ago, we were awakened to study in point that resigned as the staff of agricultural cooperative, and went to the United States and planned re-visit to the United States and have appeared to graduate school much less university. Besides, we married dearest partner in the meantime, and there was to three beloved daughters. We are not really identified as the life.
After having been taken care of by Japanese international exchange center after returning home, my scholar life began in University of Tsukuba. We were taught in University of Tsukuba in 1991 in 1985 by assistant professor.
There is invitation (Shohei) from the University of Tokyo and, from April, 1997, will tell near "political process theory" by own specialty.
We arrest aspect that is minus very for some time, and the word "daigakuzennyujidai" is used. If I say, daigakuzennyujidai is welcome. Social thinking that it is important to leave a sign of chance anywhere, and making chance in every place; work, of university is thinking that work.

Episode.03 (the university professor era)

There is dream in adverse circumstances

It is that adverse circumstances become the key to life success that we look back on the past life, and I think.
Absolute adverse circumstances of "poverty" included me since childhood. Originally there was starting line of the life below all the time than other people. Hard labor by the training life of the United States is adverse circumstance for me, and poor life has dream in these adverse circumstances and thinks that by having begun to step on one step, one step each opened.

Become big dream - politician

I left the University of Tokyo which was taken care of for 11 years and got support from much Kumamoto citizens of the prefecture in April, 2008 and took office as Governor Kumamoto.


Episode.04 (the governor appointment era)

We maximize quantity of citizen of the prefecture happiness

As the governor, my present dream realizes "dream of Kumamoto" and is "to maximize quantity of citizen of the prefecture happiness", and to do. I put all of things which oneself got as political scientist as the governor so far as human being and want to make "Kumamoto who wants to continue still living who was allowed to live that it was good to be born".

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