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Wednesday, March 18 "Kumamoto is "Kumamoto village mon project honoring" award ceremony reproduction forum of irregularity"

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 On Wednesday, March 18, Governor Kabashima was held in Kumamoto Prefectural theater; "Kumamoto regenerated bond of reproduction forum - area of irregularity, and attended if connected "irregularity" with the next generation".

 In addition, after the opening of a meeting greetings of the governor, we held "Kumamoto village mon project honoring" commendation ceremony in addition while about 1,100 participants watched.

 By "Kumamoto village mon project" that started in last year, contents of local action were superior and decided to honor about example to deserve widely social admiration, and the governor and KUMAMON presented certificate and supplementary prize to 30 corps of 1 19 10 "community activity section" groups "individual activity section" groups "Noyama fishing village contribution section" group in total as "Kumamoto village mon Prize" this year.


Kumamoto. Photograph of Governor Kabashima which opens in reproduction forum of irregularity, and says hello

 Souvenir picture shooting with receiving a prize group

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