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Governor of Tuesday, March 31 sea bass World Cup 2015 26th world aeroBIC player prefectural tournament Japanese team courtesy (Kumamoto prefectural government office)

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The governor was paid a courtesy visit to Eiichi Omura (irregularity Eiichi) from this prefecture which participated in senior trio section of the sea bass World Cup 2015 26th world aeroBIC championship as representative from Japan on Tuesday, March 31, Tomomi Omura (irregularity Tomomi), Haruki Yano (we come in spring) and Rie Omura (omurarie) coach.

In self-introduction Tomomi Omura "can participate in senior section of trio this year. It was stated, we want to try hard while thanking two players last year as we were not able to participate in this meeting (we participate together).

In contrast, Governor Kabashima "there is competition power of Japan in the world top standard, and not only Japan but also all the countries of the world pay attention to achievement of. The skill and teamwork of three people polished up so far were fully shown and stated, we expect so that achievement to surprise the world was done.

Governor of aeroBIC courtesy


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