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Saturday, August 15 2015 (the 44th) Kumamoto war dead memorial service (Kumamoto-shi)

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  On Saturday, August 15, Governor Kabashima attended at the 44th Kumamoto war dead memorial service hosted by Kumamoto eirei honoring society.

 We hold this memorial service every year on the anniversary of the end of the war to remember more than 58,000 people that it was sacrificed in the former Great War from prefecture.

 It was "thing that today's peace and prosperity were built on the holy sacrifice of the war dead", and the governor stated, "we promise that we aimed at realization of Kumamoto who could realize happiness and continued still making an effort with citizens of the prefecture here" in address. Ceremony continued with offering of flowers of the bereaved representative including memorial words, dedicated poem, child after about 1,300 attendants gave silent prayer, and there was reading of "request to peace" by child representative fifth grader last and prayed the war dead's soul may rest in peace and refreshed feeling to promise peace.

Governor Kabashima who gives address in memorial service


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