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The governor request (Kumamoto prefectural government office) by the Tuesday, August 18 Kumamoto municipal assembly chairperson society

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On Tuesday, August 18, Governor Kabashima received request by Chairperson of prefectural municipal assembly society.

From Toshihiro Mitsunaga, chairperson of Chairperson of prefectural municipal assembly society (Kumamoto-shi parliamentary speaker) for the governor of promotion of area promotion of the north area of the prefecture and maintenance promotion of area highly specified road "Kumamoto Amakusa highway" and "ring network of expressways outside Kumamoto urban area" request of two pertaining to plan was done newly.

We receive request, and the governor "recognizes request that we had today when each item plans local activation and industrial development when important at all. We considered enough in the bureau concerned and stated, we want to work to be able to go along purpose of request as much as possible in future.

Chairperson of municipal assembly society

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