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Saturday, January 23 Kusasenri grassy plain reproduction start type

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Kusasenri grassy plain reproduction start type

  • On Saturday, January 23, Governor Kabashima attended at Aso grassy plain maintenance activity center "Kusasenri grassy plain reproduction start ceremony" carried out.

    It was about half a century since then, and burning off a field would be reopened in Kusasenri meadow which was a symbolic of grassy plain scenery of Aso and hit the start type, and hometown Makino association, Aso-shi, Aso green stock, about 200 people including unit friend society attended.

  • The governor in start party is "eternal treasure" which "this prefecture is proud of, and, above all, in the grassy plain of Aso, Kusasenri is right symbol of maintenance, the succession of landscape. Burning off a field of this Kusasenri meadow posts, and it is position and thinks that approach of grassy plain reproduction of the whole Aso area is further accelerated.

    Aso just came until world agriculture inheritance, world Geopark and hop step. The prefecture still took initiative to let large bloom called world's cultural heritage which was the last jump bloom without cutting off this good flow and sent charm of grassy plain of Aso to the whole country and the world and stated, we want to polish up treasure of Kyushu to world treasure.


  • Kusasenri grassy plain reproduction start-type (1)Kusasenri grassy plain reproduction start-type (2)Kusasenri grassy plain reproduction start-type (3)



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