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The contribution presentation ceremony (Kumamoto prefectural government office) by Thursday, June 9 Japan Volleyball Association

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The contribution presentation ceremony by association of volleyball

Contribution (valley)

Including Thursday, June 9, Kenji Kimura, chairperson of Japan Volleyball Association, courtesy in the governors for the contribution presentation pertaining to H28 Kumamoto earthquake Chairman Yoshie Takeshita athlete and Yu Koshikawa committee member; was done.

 Kimura, chairperson "players raised funds in game venue of Rio Olympics last qualifier which held in May, and contribution worked, and gathered. It was told, every possible thing wants to get along in future as association so that it was helped with revival.

 Governor of Kabashima "think that your feeling surely touches victims. We stated, we work on restoration, revival with every effort to become Kumamoto who was better than now.

We gave the governor photograph of donation activity during meeting and became the significant presentation ceremony for revival.

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