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Just before Friday, June 24 JET participant returning home briefing session (Kumamoto-shi)

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It is briefing session just before JET participant returning home

Governor Kabashima who speaks appreciation in returning home JET by briefing session just before JET participant returning home

On Friday, June 24, Governor Kabashima was held in Suizenji mutual aid hall, attended at "briefing session just before JET participant returning home".

52 people become the expiration among JET participants who visited Japan before 2015 this summer for term. This meeting performs every year to expand further network with this prefecture after explanation and returning home such as business formalities pertaining to returning home.

In the governor saying hello even if "return to each country, want to convey experience or charm in Kumamoto by all means toward the mother country. And we revisited Kumamoto and had you become good understanding person, supporter of Kumamoto from now on and stated, we want you to make an effort for each other's interchange.


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