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Thursday, June 30, 2016 Kumamoto "hometown, farmland future made exercise" promotion office meeting (Kumamoto prefectural government office)

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Kumamoto "hometown, farmland future made exercise" promotion office meeting

Governor Kabashima who says hello at Kumamoto "hometown, farmland future made exercise" promotion office meeting


 On Thursday, June 30, Governor Kabashima attended at the "making of hometown, farmland future exercise" held in council for prefectural office Main Building room promotion office meeting.

  Because we protected "farmland" which was eternal treasure of Kumamoto and accumulated, and administration and agriculture affiliate worked on the next generation for what we succeeded all in one body, this promotion office installed in 2012, and invited the fifth year this year.

  Farmland accumulation areas of 2015 exceeded 2,933ha, and it was established agricultural corporation much in what was able to achieve aim of for not only the single year but also four years, various places throughout the prefecture by approach united with related organizations, and, also, examples that wide area farms functioned as saucer of work trust of stricken area in the earthquake disaster revival were reported, and, at meeting, opinion was exchanged about approach of farmland accumulation "quantity" and "quality" of accumulation having greatly improved.

  As a result, if the governor "became wide area corporation, it was economical, and it turned out that it was strengthened in regional alliances, but it was revealed that it was strong in earthquake disaster at this time. We stated, it is important to disseminate information of further pushing forward farmland accumulation after having assumed earthquake disaster correspondence in future.



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