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About disposal of earthquake disaster waste

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 Can you not utilize disaster waste such as debris which occurred by Kumamoto earthquake for backfill after gravel collection? At the same time, among disaster waste, can it not inflect as fuel of biomass generation about wood?

Answer from the prefecture

About disaster waste such as debris caused by Kumamoto earthquake, we devise "Kumamoto disaster waste disposal treatment implementation plan" with the municipalities concerned and work with the goal of "the end of the processing for hatsuwazawaigo less than two years" to push the life rebuilding of victims from behind. In the processing, we decide to process appropriately in company and the facility having permission to modify processing of waste based on laws and ordinances not to make any trouble occurring in living environment of citizen of the prefecture.

◯◯About matter to process debris with pit traces of rock, we maintain here in laws and ordinances as management type final disposal site, and, among disaster waste which had you suggest from state, it is necessary to acquire various permission. To that end, it is necessary to pass through the agreement formation by conduct of briefing session to various places of neighboring inhabitants, procedure including hearing to the municipalities commencing with conduct of Environmental Impact Assessment from purpose to plan maintenance of living environment of local resident and it is shortest and needs period for around three years. Thus, as for maintaining as disposal ground during handling of prefectural plan target period that we devised, it extremely seems with difficulties. In addition, about suggestion that we had, we hope to refer to for disaster to occur in future.

Then, about suggestion to utilize small piece of wood in disaster waste for biomass generation, small piece of wood will occur in large quantities from now on as the dismantling such as houses gets into full swing. At some biomass power stations, utilization of quality of wood tip which processed these small pieces of wood has already begun and will work to further enlarge the use.


(August, 2016 answer department in charge: circulation society promotion section, Energy Policy Division)




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