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About life rehabilitation support system

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 Contents of opinion, suggestion

 There is not system to support some destruction household, but a lot of houses which we cannot repair with own means exist. Joint surety is required about disaster support funds, but wants you to consider again as we think that there is little having you undertake while there is much one where we suffered from.

 In addition, about household with more than of partial destruction, window co-payment with medical institution becomes exemption, but should expand to a part destruction household.



Answer from the prefecture

◯◯From state, we had opinion about support for one that suffered damage for some destruction in house.

At first, about repair of house, it is decided to intend for household which suffered with more than of partial destruction as for the tinker by Natural Disaster Relief Law damage according to the opinion currently. In addition, in the Natural Disaster Victims Relief Law, some destruction household is not considered to be object of "money for support of reconstructing livelihoods of disaster victims" either. Therefore, toward all who received house damage so that the life rebuilding of some destruction household was planned in the prefecture of "money for support of reconstructing livelihoods of disaster victims" is requesting in country to intend.

In addition, when there are injuries more than one month to the damage and family nurturer more than a one-third of household effects about disaster support funds, you can receive advance of disaster support funds even if you put in a part destruction household, but please understand joint surety as you are required in the law enforcement order about supply of disaster condolence money.

Then, it is not for a part destruction household, but, other than complete or partial destruction of dwelling house, it is for the death or unemployment of person of main living maintenance, and, about exemptions such as co-payments with medical institutions, in the case of National Health Insurance, the municipalities which are finally insurer will judge from standard of exemption that country showed. In addition, about measures period of exemption that had opinion from ◯◯ state, policy to extend from country to the end of February, 2017 is shown.

We can receive support for this time having a problem economically including support on the family budget side for various places to be forced to a large amount of debt by by the rebuilding of house which we suffered from by earthquake about system that had opinion as above in each local Council of Social Welfare.

In addition, ask local Council of Social Welfare to live as there is system to loan necessary fund by livelihood welfare funds in the case of repair such as present cost of living or house, replacement by purchase of furniture and fixture.


(August, 2016 answer department in charge: Health and Social Services Policy Division, National Health Insurance and Elderly Medical Care Division)



About the situation after answer (as of December, 2016)

・About measures period of co-payment exemption with medical institutions, it is extended until the end of February, 2017.

・Distribution of contribution to some destruction household began. Issue of contribution to some destruction household targeted for distribution needs application in each municipality.
  Ask municipality to live at application method and reception desk start time.
  (reference: https://www.pref.kumamoto.jp/kiji_17769.html)



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