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November, 2016

The last update date:
Expenditure itemExpenditure dateExpenditure amount of moneyExpenditure contents
Funeral offeringNovember 510,000Ayako Sato (wife of Mayor Aso Yoshioki Sato) funeral offering
Funeral offeringNovember 510,000Sadatoshi Ikeda (Vice-President of former prefectural assembly) funeral offering
Membership feeNovember 710,000"Gathering of president Mr. Minoru Koga thanks in front of Kumamoto Prefectural University" membership fee
OthersNovember 922,000Business card making
Funeral offeringNovember 1410,000Tetsuro Wakisaka (Automobile Taxation Office counselor) funeral offering
Membership feeNovember 149,000"Tokyo Kumamoto association of people originating from the same prefecture 63rd general meeting" membership fee
Placing flowersNovember 1516,200"His Imperial Highness Prince Takahito" placing flowers
Placing flowersNovember 1616,200Tetsuro Wakisaka (Automobile Taxation Office counselor) placing flowers
Membership feeNovember 177,000"Regular meeting of living-in-Fukuoka Kumamoto association of people originating from the same prefecture autumn" membership fee
Membership feeNovember 225,000"Mountain, pike, stand preservation federation general meeting Yatsushiro Games exchange meeting in 2016 of the whole country" membership fee
Now monthly accountsTen cases115,400 


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